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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Visiting Neighbors and an Offer...

This week my friend Lu came over for a visit. I went riding on Tuesday as usual ans she come home with me. We had lots of fun. We saw my babies which she loved and who wouldn't??? (maybe I'm biased).

She sure liked Fly, said she went to a Hanoverian grading and they had certain foals that were premium and she thinks Fly would be one of them! Pretty nice compliment I think :)

She also thought it was kinda cool Jazz was so friendly shed walk up to us and wait for us to pet her.

We toured around and took the ferry to visit CCC and I got to eat one of her fantastic ladybug cupcakes!

Lu was full of compliments, she also said she thinks my horses really like me, they are always looking for me and paying attention to me when I am around! That was such a nice compliment, it really meant a lot to me.

I also had an offer to trade Jazz for this pretty palomino mare, might be setting up a date to go see her in a few weeks.


fernvalley01 said...

Nice day of visiting. I am looking forward to reading more about the mare

CCC said...

I love Lu, what a great lady. Glad she got to ride the ferry.

Shirley said...

That is a pretty mare, that could be a good trade. Lu sounds like a sweetheart. What ferry did you take? Didn't know there was one around there.