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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mud Bog

On Saturday I went to the Mud Bog we have annually in Pollockville. Yes on Saturday I also made applesauce and went chasing cows, it was a busy day, never planned it that way, but sometimes it just happens that way.
Here's the trophy table, pretty nice trophy's for driving in the mud!

Some speed racers were there as well, and this one made us laugh, the "Mud Life Crisis"

And this speedster the "Mud Stud", lol.

This orange truck exhaust was a piece of plastic pipe coming out of the hood, I guess they don't run them long enough to get hot.

They also had a monster truck, "Lucy the Danger Ranger" that jumped over these 5 cars, that was pretty cool!

Someone lost a mud flap in the deep mud hole and these two were trying to get it out, they never did, too sticky!

Onto the real mudders, this is our one neighbor, he was having so much fun!

The back of his truck was pretty cool as well.

Some of the trucks only run when they go through the mud then need towing, looks so funny, bright clean vehicle pulling the super dirty ones!

The speed racers have no radiator, so they can only run when they need to or they overheat.

Lucy the Danger Ranger also was in the mud bog, and not surprisingly made it through.

The hole was really quite deep.

And Lastly this truck had a TNT box on the back of the truck, it was funny.

All in all it was a lot more fun then I expected, and there were sure a lot of people I didn't recognize as well. The competitors came from all over, from Conrad, Montana to Prince George BC. Must really like driving in the mud, personally I try to avoid it which isn't hard in August usually.

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