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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jellies and Jams

Yesterday since the weather was not cooperating, I never went riding, although truth be told I probly coulda rode indoors cause I don't think it actually rained that much.
Well anyways on Thursday I had gone down to Neils sisters house and picked some Nanking cherries and some apples. I phoned and asked if I could, and she said come on down cause she will never use all there is there. When I got there (I got sidetracked visiting my neighbor who usually is never home) she had some berries picked and so I went to work and when I went to leave, she gave me her berries too! I may not have picked so many if I known that!

We also picked a bunch of apples, I was only gonna pick one bucket, but her and Neils mom talked me into picking a second one cause the apples are so ripe they are just falling of the trees, so I got two buckets. So far I have only made two apple crisps, one fro lst night and one in the freezer, thinking maybe some applesauce is in order.

So since I was gonna be home, I cooked up all the berries and strained them for the juice, I got 51 cups of juice I froze for another day, and 6 left to make jelly prolly today.

Then since I was canning already I pulled out rhubarb and raspberries from the freezer and made 11 jars (2 batches) rhubarb raspberry jam, mmm cant wait to try that, maybe I will have toast for breakfast.

Well I am supposed to be floating down the river today for a stagette, but I'm thinking we may do something else instead cause it would be mighty cold in the river. Should be fun no matter what we do.


Beth said...

Love canning and preserving! You'll sure enjoy those this winter!

Linda said...

You're making me feel guilty.....I need to get at my jelly making.

Shirley said...

OK, you have to bring a jar of cherry jelly for the trail ride, I'll make the pancakes and we'll have the jelly on top!

fernvalley01 said...

looks yummy