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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Is On The Way

Yesterday I went riding the boy. We, no I, decided we should ride outside cause inside is boring and its getting cooler out so better take advantage of all the outside I can get. He was actually really good, i wasn't sure how he'd be by ourselves, but other than trying to eat the grass he was just fine. Even the noisy neighbor came by as we were walking on the side of the road and we turned to face her and she slowed down and he was okay with that, a little wiggly, but still good.

On My way home, I noticed how much closer we are getting to fall, I don't want to think its fall yet, but Dinero sure has a lot of winter hair. Here he is hanging out with Billy, and you cant see his winter hair very much, its mostly on his belly.

I also was trying to get some pictures for Rochelle of her foal for registration, and i keep feeling something behind me, and i turn around and this is what I see, Silly Pedro.

As I was driving home, I could see the changes in crops as well. The wheat was just turning.

The canola was still green but was being swathed.

The barley has mostly ripened, just the weeds were green.

The stubble fields have even been cultivated.

At our house, the oats were planted a month later, and they are still green, but pretty close to being ready to cut for green feed.

Even the prairie grasses, over in Dalum

And here at home have turned pretty much yellow, with little bits of green mixed in. (Mostly the sage is the only greenish thing around)


fernvalley01 said...

Lots of green here still but things are changing.My pincherries leaves are starting to go shades of red already!

Paint Girl said...

Pedro is very cute, I would love to have him following me around!

Janice said...

Your scenery is sure different than ours...you have no trees? Can you tell I don't get out much. Do you really not have trees or are those photos just the immediate farm land around you.

CCC said...

Love the Pedro picture. Good shots of the farm crops, we were just noticing the same things last evening.