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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dinero and Other Musings

My sweet little Dinero, well sweet he definitely is, little not so much. Anyways I am afraid he is kinda dumb. No dumb as is stupid, but certainly not the brightest star there ever was. I have wondered this since I got him, he just is there, not interested in trying anything new, not afraid of anything, just there.

Not that this as always a bad thing, especially in a show pony, he should just do what is asked for, not anticipate what is gonna go on, but all in all not sure that's what I want in a horse. I keep thinking he will grow out of it, but hes 2 now and been here a year and not getting any smarter. But he is very cute and just nice to ride and be around.

I wonder if there's anything I can do to make him get smarter, I will have to look and if anyone has ideas, share please! He has been turned out for the winter with all the other horses and does fine in there, maybe he's just easygoing and its so different I cant recognize it???

When I was on my way home from Calgary on Tuesday I hit a porcupine, I tried to avoid it, but I was going to fast to stop and he wasn't waddling fast enough to get out of the way, so yesterday when we were in town, I had a look at my tire, and there were quills sticking out of it, i have never seen this before!

I also saw this mural on the wall and I cant remember who is supposed to be in it now, but kinda cool. I haven't been to Brooks in a while can you tell?

At Neils Mom and Dads, in the eaves troughs on the house there were trees growing! Golly we have such a hard time growing trees in the ground where we are and an hour away they are voluntarily growing in the eaves trough! They didn't want me to take a picture cause they keep meaning to clean them out, but haven't yet.

Neil got a haircut yesterday as well and I was laughing at him because it was getting so long and he knew it was, but didn't think it was that bad, well he comes out of the barber shop and there was so much white skin showing everyone we saw commented on hi haircut!

Neils Mom and Dad gave us this cute pot of Pansy's they were given at a wedding for their niece. I thought it was kinda a cute idea for centerpieces. They had an outdoor wedding in Peace River and it looks like it was very beautiful.


Shirley said...

Dinero is still pretty young; maybe he hasn't found anything that really interests him yet. When you get a chance to put him on cattle, he might come to life, meanwhile just enjoy the ride- he should be a nice reliable horse as he grows up.

CCC said...

Easy going is good. It's been my experience that they think more when they are 3.