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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


First off, I put the new sheets on my bed that we got for our anniversary and haven't used yet. I had to share them with you cause they are too cool.

Yesterday I got a phone call from our neighbor who is visiting her daughter and grandsons in Manitoba. She called to ask if I would feed her dogs and check the chickens and collect eggs. So I went over and did her chores for her. Funny it sounded complicated on the phone, but I have done chores there before and it took no time at all.

Her dog Fred is so cute and giant! He is very friendly and loves people.

Since it took only like 5 minutes to feed the dogs and get the eggs, I went out back to see her mini donkey, Jake.

And this little guy who looks like a donkey, but is actually a mini mule! Jake is his dad and she has a sorrel mini mare, Penny, who is his mom.

And while I am visiting them around the corner comes her sons stud, Blue. Hes a lot friendlier than I thought he would be.

She used to raise turkeys to sell, but now only has enough for her and her daughter, its so much quieter over there without 150 turkey running around.

Around the corner from the chicken she put in a cute little flower garden.

Even the wildflowers at her house are pretty!

I think I came away with enough eggs to last me a while.

On the way home I drove by our hay fields and it looks crazy out there, everywhere you look is more bales.


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a lovely place , the Big blue roan stud is a handsome dude! Lots of hay around here too , if we could just get it off the field!

Linda said...

I've never actually been in Graces's yard....thanks for the tour!

Shirley said...

Nice sheets, now you need a headboard to match; wooden with carved galloping horses on it. You do woodwork don't you? Just sayin'.....
The mini mule is a little cutey!

Beth said...

Chores in the country always seem pleasent to me in the summer. Winter, now that is a whole different ball of wax.

What a lovely place.

Cheyenne said...

Great photos...


CCC said...

I love the sheets too. You're a good neighbor and just an all around good kid.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like a great year for haying in your area. Lucky ducks!
I wish you were my neighbor. I can never go anywhere because I have no one willing and able to take care of all our critters while we're gone. I hope your neighbor knows how lucky she is to have you.
Those mini-mules are adorable! I want me one!

And I want your cool sheets, too. Don't I sound greedy? lol!