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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend

Went over to the curling rink on Saturday, Neil's team lost their game so they got 3rd in the A Event, not bad.  He asked a kid who really want to curl but didn't have a team or much experience and he had fun, Neil did too, different to have others that are so excited about curling on your team.  He coaches the grades 3-9 kids a few weeks every year at the rink but they are a little young for games yet but good to get them started, they love it.  We need more curlers so might as well start them early.  Still had the banquet and was nice to visit over there, I don't make it over near as much as I used to anymore, except for bonspiels pretty much only the curlers go over so boring to sit by myself.

Sunday we went to Olds to have Easter dinner, was good, not too crowded got to actually visit with those there.  And last night we went to Brooks to celebrate Neil's dads birthday.  He's  80 but sure don't look or act like it.  We are having a "small" party of about a 100 people next Saturday but still nice to go out on his actual  birthday.

Went to the vet yesterday afternoon with Bailey, shes healthy as a horse haha.  Not even too fat.  I was gonna keep her in a get a few more rides on her and keep Pally in so Easy has company when he comes home this week (I hope Thursday) but I just didn't wanna do chores yet so she went back out.  Later this week Ill get them in and try and get some fuzz off them.  I am gonna try check cows on Pally for now, see how she does, and Easy too but that will be a little different might not get much done yet, he doesn't like mud and weird footing so it will take a while I think but fun to ride him anyways:)
(on the way out, Jess, Dee, George)

(Dee, George, Bailey, Trio)

(and Pally, I think she looks better, 
lost a little weight running out on grass all winter)

Otherwise my week is pretty well taken up by planning for the party, baking, cooking, slicing meat, luckily Neil is going to Medicine Hat with his sister so I don't have to go.  They are gonna spend all day shopping for food and decorations and a gift.  Will be a good party.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Week

So last show of the year and I am at home :(  Seems odd but the next show is April 9th near Olds and I guess we will go to that.  Not really sad as there is always lots of shows and I still got to practice.  We worked cows yesterday and it was really a fun day, lots of people there and so got to watch lots too.  Then a storm cloud blew through as we were just finishing and so we put the horses away and went and had coffee.  Was good to visit with some of them as I hadn't seen them in a year and one lady not since a clinic a couple years ago (shes from Sask and has a horse at Doug's he's training)
(the grass is starting to come in, Easy isn't very good about grazing on the lead 
he probly has done it very little but I thought was a nice change for him)

(the goofy peacock was sitting on the truck when I went to leave,
 just watching whats going on)

Today not much going on, we have 4 calves so far, all bulls.  I gotta get a horse in so I can go ride out there and see them, could take Bob but that's not near as fun.  On Monday I plan on bringing in a few, Bailey is going to the vet and so her and Pally will stay in the corral.  And then Thursday I think Easy is coming home :)  That will be lots of fun.  Ill still go over couple times a week for lessons on show weeks and maybe once a week on non show weeks?  I dunno have to decide how its gonna work yet.

I hate to say something too soon, but looks like I sold Bailey if all goes well, they came out Monday and tried her and just loved her, she was really good for not being rode since last August.  her feet are long of course but not chipped off or anything and we just rode her in the arena and down the road, she was so perfect for them.  Id like to get her feet done but depends on when they are coming, waiting on a coggins test takes forever but the farrier is coming between 10-15 of April, whatever day my neighbor tests bull cause he comes to help.

I also planted seeds this week, some have come up, others not quite yet but I'm hopeful.  Got 25 beefsteak tomatoes, 19 watermelon, 6 spearmint, 17 basil, 30 marigolds, 12 jalepeno, 12 Aneheim pepper, 12 Poblano pepper, 6 Serano pepper and 30 poppies.  The poppies must be at leat 20 years old they were my great grampa's and I just found them, but they were dry and so either I get way too many or non we will see.  Got a few more to start but not for another couple weeks, pumpkins, butternut squash and cantelope.  They grow really fast so no more than 3 weeks early for them or they will take over my house.

(marigold, watermelon, herbs)

(Poppies and peppers, they aren't up yet)

Neil's dad came out this week as well, hes working on turning an old tent trailer into a trailer he can use at the museum to haul pumps around on in the Canada Day parade.  It looks a lot better already, this week he got all the lights working and the frame on the sides.  Needs boards yet but almost done.  He only comes out on warm days and the cats pester him haha its so funny.
(oh Ziggy)

(lays down when no one pays him attention, 
he did climb all over Neil but I was laughing to hard to get a picture.  
Neil was laying under the truck and the cat 
comes and lays on him with his butt in Neil's face)

(there's the trailer, 
the other cat was out hunting,
 I wish Ziggy would go to)

Today Neil is curling and I will go to the banquet, if he wins his game at 1 he will be in the finals at 7 and I may stay to watch.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Backing Up

Went riding again yesterday, it was kinda cold and windy and we had a bit of snow, I wasn't gonna go but Neil said I should so I went.  It was nice over there, weird to be less snow they always get snow over there.  I grabbed Easy he was cheerful as always and tacked up and went to ride in the outdoor arena.  It was a bit windy so the pasture horses were hanging around the other side of the fence and we went around a few times then he spooked at something.  I stopped and went to see what it was and there was a horse laying down!  Oh my how weird.  He really didn't want to get close to it it was really odd.  Then she lifted her head and he was fine with it. I dunno, hes a goof I guess.

Well turns out he was already rode that morning cause they didn't think I was coming and so we didn't warm up that much just worked on the flag.  I have trouble going straight to the left and I cant tell.  So because we are not going straight he doesn't stop as hard.  Ugh and I don't use my feet.  Feels like I am using my feet but apparently not.  I said that and he says when he tells me to quit moving my feet then that's enough.  OK so we did two short flag works and the second had a few really nice stops but  still not great.  So I go back Wednesday and we are working cows.

We are not showing this weekend cause his boy is playing hockey in provincials and he wants to go.  And maybe to the odd and unusual sale.  I told him I wanted and Angora goat and he said I should, Neil thinks not though :(  I am actually kinda glad we aren't going cause its Easter and Neil's curling and now I can just practice.  Afterwards in the barn he was getting pretty pushy for treats and so I made him back up with the lead rope and he was so good he did it twice pretty easy.  Pretty impressive for such a food driven horse to back away from the food.  Of course he got a treat for that.  I been making him stretch and stuff before he gets them, and never when hes pushy.  Smart boy he knows.  The video is poor cause I was watching him not the screen.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Walk to The Dugout

Today it started out as a real nice day, sure a change from yesterday that was so cold and windy.  I figured my ankle was pretty well better and Monday is our regular walk day and I wanted to test out how it would be.  Its not bad, I sure coulda picked a better place to walk was a bit tender getting back but a little ice and back to normal.

I figured I'd walk out to the dugout up north its not that far and there is usually some kind of birds up there to take a picture of.  So off I went in my runners, a few spots it was a bit wet for runners but all in all not too bad.  I followed the cow trail as its smoothish and always leads to a dugout.
(this one isn't dirt cause cows aren't in here very long)

Yup sure enough as soon as I got close I could hear honking.  I got a pic then figured a video would be better so you could hear the honking too.  I thought there would be more than one pair, but not this day.
(I seen them, but not before they seen me)

(they are really loud)

Then as I was walking out there I was thinking of Nuzz Muzz who asked me like forever ago what the ground was like since it looks flat.  It is and it isn't.  As I was making sure I didn't step anywhere uneven I got looking at rosebushes and other non poky plants, some tall enough to tickle horses bellies.  Rocks, old roads, gopher holes (with my shadow) and wet spots.  And then as I'm looking elsewhere a white rabbit runs right by my no more than 5 feet away, how did I not see him, he's white!
(there's a valve that we can drain this into the horse pasture if it overfills)



(green on the edges :) )

(a gopher hole, never saw him though)

(the old road, its nice to ride on)


(and a rabbit)

Our grass is not really green, a tinge on the old road of tame grass and the only place the native is green is in the water spots, we need a few more warm days yet.  We should be getting crocuses this week if we get a rain that would sure help.  I gotta get a horse in so I have a reason to go out there and look for them :)  Our cows are ready to move north and unless it gets really bad tonight they are going tomorrow and I wont get to help cause have to go ride Easy if we are gonna show this weekend.
(Looking in the horse pasture, there's a lot of water 
and that's on the other side of the dugout wall, 
guess its wet enough out there no need to drain the other one)

(and I was surprised to find this bit of snow left)

But soon enough, I'm gonna work the arena later this week and then maybe a week Monday get a couple horses in so everything is mostly organized when I get to bring Easy home :)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Feels Like Winter Today

So I got up Wednesday morning and my ankle was still sore and my neck was kinked, not sure if it was from falling off or I slept wrong.  But I called and made a chiro apt for that afternoon which actually worked really well as there was a meeting in Hanna later that night I kinda wanted to go to.

Didn't do much in the daytime and Neil had left fairly early for a bull sale in Stavely, he takes his dad there every year its kinda an outing for them.   Long day but they enjoy it.  Then I figured after my appointment I had 2 1/2 hours to waste so might as well take the bottles in so loaded them up and almost got blown away in the wind.  I got to the chiro and they got me in right away, about 15 minutes early that was unexpected I was planning on reading the coffee news and catching up on whats going on in town.  But not this time.  I told him what I did and he always works on my hips cause they are just a problem child and he said oh ya they were angry.  Which I knew cause it wasn't that great riding last few times, specially if I have to lope a lot I just get tired and sore, been meaning to get in but its about the only reason I go to Hanna and seems a waste for a 5 minute appointment.  Then he did my neck which was out of course.  Then he wanted to look at my ankle, he said it was cranky, so I guess not as bad as the hips lol.  he said its gonna hurt, and he grabbed it and pulled it weirdly and it did hurt but afterwards felt better and today almost back to normal. Yay!  I didn't expect he could do anything for it but I'm glad I went.  I have to go back Tuesday cause after a big smack he always worries it needs a bit more tweaking so I am booked in for then.  Which will be good cause Neil wants his truck serviced and so I get to drive him around, woopee.  Oh and I can go to the bottle depot  cause as I got there they had a sign saying closed March 16-19.  Ugh of course the day I wanted to go.

The meeting was for the local riding and roping club which I have never joined but I have always wanted to rope and they have quiet steers and lots of people learning and besides membership is only $10 and that means I can ride there anytime so I figured I might as well join.  Probly end up helping with a few events they have going on over the summer but that's OK too I don't mind as long as I'm not showing I might as well.
(Today its been snowing on and off)

(and the snow left tree patterns on the ground)

(looked so neat, I've never seen that before)

And today was the dreaded accounting day :(  But since I spent so much of Easy I probly don't have to pay!  Yay who knew he could be a bonus in two ways :)  All good till next year when I sell a pile of horses and will have to pay it eventually, but at least not this year.  So off I go to ride tomorrow, hope my trainer is over his flu but if not I will just be glad to ride and see my boy.  Got to get in 3 more rides and a few more hours to finish the horsemanship challenge which ends on our last show, the 27th

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Back to Riding

I had listed my barrel saddle for sale and right away a gal messaged me and asked if I would meet her somewhere.  She was from north of Edmonton and I'm in the middle of nowhere so I said sure.  She let me pick the place and so I picked Stettler cause I hardly ever get to go there and its not too far so Sunday I headed up there.  Weather is about the same up there as here but seems like more freezing nights than we had as lots of their sloughs were still frozen and ours aren't.  Neil was also curious about their weather as he wants to go pound posts at our place up there...way to muddy yet.  She was so sure she wanted it, she had gone to the bank and had cash.  She had been looking for a wide saddle for her horse for a long time and this was only the second 10" she had seen so she jumped on it.  She was using a treeless and I asked how they are and she didn't really like them on her round horse with no withers said it just rotated like a bareback pad so she was always adjusting it.  Hope this works better for her.

(looking south towards the trees has snow)

(but looking North not on white spot)

(And all around the sloughs has snow as well)

Then Monday I wanted to go riding but was too tired so I went yesterday.  Still exhausting but I had to go it had been 11 days since I been there and it felt like forever.  Trainer was sick which actually worked really good for me cause i wasn't sure I was up for a lesson.  And glad no one was around cause I fell off!  Really how silly was that???  I went to get on and hes pretty round and I'm pretty unathletic and so my saddle moves a little every time I get on from the ground but usually OK.  But this time I overcompensated and went to far to the other side and before I could get back in the middle he moved away from my weight.  Not really being bad I think I was unbalancing him.   He stood there and waited and I was super glad there was fresh soft sand in the arena.  Well OK I was fine nothing hurt except a broken fingernail (haha) and some sand down my pants, and so readjusted and used the panels to get on.  I woulda done that the first time but they are just leaning against the wall and I don't really like that.  Got on and wasn't sure I was up for him but after lots of trotting he was really good.  He seemed confused by figure 8s but did really good with moving sideways at a diagonal (brain freeze, cant remember what its called)  We did a little loping too and then he seemed tired, faking it I know as he woulda got lots of energy if he had seen cows anywhere.
(of course there was snow in the morning, but it was melting already)

(I love how he meets me at the gate :),
 even when his buddy Kory is trying to get him to play)

(shedding so much )

(hi cutie)

(I sure love this horse, can't wait till he gets to come home)

It was nice I had lots of time afterwards to brush him and surprisingly he is shedding lots even though he looks slick.  I love them sleek-ez they sure work well, I think I might make myself one (too cheap to buy one)  I also brought a lighter blanket cause its spring weather now, although I did leave the winter one there just in case.  Then last night I noticed my ankle was a bit sore and I looked at it and I think I maybe sprained it, it was a little swollen (very little) and still sore this morning so I wrapped it and will rest a couple days and hope it goes away.  Who knew you could sprain your ankle falling off a horse??  Also got one small bruise on my knee but that's not a big deal.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ponies :)

Well been a long boring week here.  Haven't seen my Easy since a week ago Friday :(  Been too sick and tired to actually leave the house except for the bull sale Monday, 2 1/2 hours sitting at the hall was more than enough.

Until today my neighbor wanted to try a saddle to see how it rides and she borrowed Jess and rode around and meanwhile I brushed Dee with the intent of getting on a riding a few minutes to get a video.  Not a chance was way too tired from everything else.  Put them away and just came inside and rested :(  Boo but at least I know I was right to not go riding this week.  I got a doctors appointment on Tuesday but I think I'm getting over it not sure if I'll cancel or not have to see how this weekend goes.

I'd like to go riding Monday but it might be too much of an effort.  Oh well at least I got to see the horses today.  Thought about keeping them in but I don't wanna do chores everyday yet, but at the end of the month Easy comes home (yay) and will have to start then anyways so maybe in another week or so Ill have more energy.

Nice to have a good check on everyone out there they are all fat, except Dee who never gets fat.  The pony is a bit lazy she just trots in when everyone else lopes haha but I saw her do a pretty nice rollback to get out of Dee's way today.  I think if shes not so fat she will be a little more athletic too.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Wild and Not So Wild Life

Last week we had a bunny, well jackrabbit out the front window, he was quite unwild (I hate to say tame cause he wasn't really) he just sits there even when we went out on the deck only 5ish feet away from him he never run away.  I think hes one of the babies we had here a couple years ago cause he is always close by preferring to duck down instead of leave.

And then later that afternoon I went to get gas and well cats will be cats, rather than walking on the ground he walks on the edges of the grain bins and leaps to the next one.  Not sure if he doesn't like snow or hes just a goof.  I'm leaning towards the latter.  He sure is entertaining and friendly which is a good thing cause I don't think hes much of a hunter, never seen him chase or catch anything.  He'd prefer to be a house cat but he will like it better in summer when we spend more time outside.

And I feel somewhat better but still not cured so waiting a few more days then if not better doctor it is, I hope its just gone by then.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Ugh I hate being sick.  Its only a cold and I totally blame the hubby for it, he come home last weekend with it and shared it with me.  Yay.  Well now for a few days rest and hopefully I will be over it in no time (its already been 5 days) So sad today I had to miss out on the chance to ride the pony with my friends today :(

I went riding Thursday and had a pretty good lesson, the barn was so busy so I never ended up staying long afterwards and got asked about it I guess they all stayed till 5 and left me a beer, darn next time I guess.  I was told to use my feet more even if its wrong get those feet moving.  And I have mostly quit leaning but I still need to keep watching the cow more and stop harder.  Always can stop harder and wait, I'm not very good at wait.  Then Friday I met up with Shirley in Nanton for a short visit while she was on her way through.  Then my friend was is Strathmore so I met her for lunch and we went shopping to the tack stores, never bought anything.  And then she wanted to see Easy so we headed up there.  Wasn't sure if he'd been rode or not but he hadn't so he said I should get on him and he had cows in so we worked cows.  Was super good I dunno what happened but I even picked fast cows and it was good.  He asked if I had been drinking, and no I hadn't haha.

Easy didn't even get upset cause when I went to get him he had just got his supper.  That's his favorite thing.  But next best is working cows and as soon as he saw cows he was his cheerful self again.  His previous owner was there last week and asked if I was gonna pay him more for him now that I like him haha not likely.  And he said I'm riding him too much he likes to be rode one day a week and eat the rest.  I laughed and said wouldn't we all.  Doug just shakes his head and thinks its good for Easy to be rode and he seems to enjoy it, he's bored otherwise just hanging out in his stall or in an outside pen pestering the horses next to him.

Oh well soon he can come home and hang out here with the pony, I'm pretty sure the two of them will have to be in all summer cause they will both get obese otherwise.

Still haven't decided on what I'm gonna do this summer.  I was given the option of just showing once a month and having fun or really going for it and trying for top 5 in my class, he thinks that's possible but then that means I have to go to every show and that gets expensive and time consuming.  Still have a few days to think about it the first summer show isn't till the 15th of April.  I'm kinda leaning towards once a month and take the winter off and then next yea go all out.  I have lots of other things I wanna do this summer to so its hard to just focus on showing.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bad Show and Company

Well last week went 3 times and rode, one was a mess my horse was being such a dork he would suck back then leap ahead when we worked cows and so I kept looking at him instead of the cows and then of course I would fall forward.  Good thing the coach was in a good mood, I sure had him laughing by the time we were done.  Luckily Wednesday and Friday lessons were much better.  But as I go Friday the one girl comes up and says I'm not entered for the show Saturday.  I hadn't even looked just thought he entered me like always before.   Well no there was some confusion but luckily he knows the guy hosting it so he phoned and got me in.  I was last in the class because of that and the list was all made up already.

It was a horrible show.   So many entries and by the time it was my turn to get my horse the nice weather had turned to a blizzard and my horse was a bit prancy outside but we got him ready and they loped him lots and he was sweaty and tired but not really listening to me or ready but then it was my turn anyways.  And we go in and get in the herd and I picked a cow and no one was paying attention and I lost it.  Well at this point knew no real score so I just worked on my herd work, second cow was better but we kept stopping short and then I lost my balance and accidentally spurred him at the wrong time with the wrong leg ugh.   So picked a third cow and made him get up to the fence, its hard to do that (for me).  Afterwards I was told I had too sharp of spurs by the other turnback but I told Doug what happened and he said hes done that too and he didn't think they are too sharp either.  Ugh went home and thought on it for a while, not good.  But the lady I met at the first show got a new horse and she is super nice, she went right before me and she even won money!  So excited for her, only her second show cutting and shes already in the money.   One day it will be me (I hope)

Then Sunday my aunt Bonnie come out and stayed for 4 days so that was nice for a change.  I missed riding but I am going back today, kinda nice to have  a few days off.  I got to get my pony in if I'm taking her to a barrel race on the 23rd,  I like having them out but seems like winter (what little we had) is pretty well over so I'm thinking its time.