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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend

Went over to the curling rink on Saturday, Neil's team lost their game so they got 3rd in the A Event, not bad.  He asked a kid who really want to curl but didn't have a team or much experience and he had fun, Neil did too, different to have others that are so excited about curling on your team.  He coaches the grades 3-9 kids a few weeks every year at the rink but they are a little young for games yet but good to get them started, they love it.  We need more curlers so might as well start them early.  Still had the banquet and was nice to visit over there, I don't make it over near as much as I used to anymore, except for bonspiels pretty much only the curlers go over so boring to sit by myself.

Sunday we went to Olds to have Easter dinner, was good, not too crowded got to actually visit with those there.  And last night we went to Brooks to celebrate Neil's dads birthday.  He's  80 but sure don't look or act like it.  We are having a "small" party of about a 100 people next Saturday but still nice to go out on his actual  birthday.

Went to the vet yesterday afternoon with Bailey, shes healthy as a horse haha.  Not even too fat.  I was gonna keep her in a get a few more rides on her and keep Pally in so Easy has company when he comes home this week (I hope Thursday) but I just didn't wanna do chores yet so she went back out.  Later this week Ill get them in and try and get some fuzz off them.  I am gonna try check cows on Pally for now, see how she does, and Easy too but that will be a little different might not get much done yet, he doesn't like mud and weird footing so it will take a while I think but fun to ride him anyways:)
(on the way out, Jess, Dee, George)

(Dee, George, Bailey, Trio)

(and Pally, I think she looks better, 
lost a little weight running out on grass all winter)

Otherwise my week is pretty well taken up by planning for the party, baking, cooking, slicing meat, luckily Neil is going to Medicine Hat with his sister so I don't have to go.  They are gonna spend all day shopping for food and decorations and a gift.  Will be a good party.


Country Gal said...

Sounds like you had a good Easter as well . A small party of 100 people WOW ! that's a huge party to us lol . Lovely photos , Hope you have a good week and all have a great time at the party ! Thanks for sharing ,

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

For a little while there, we were getting curling on the TV. I enjoyed watching it.

Shirley said...

Happy birthday to Neil's dad, I'm sure he'll enjoy the party. That many people will make him feel pretty special.
That should be fun checking cows on Pally! She is looking a bit more trim. I thought you had Trio sold?

lisa said...

Boy, curling is one sport that you don't hear a lot about. I bet he has fun. The horses sure do look healthier than a horse ;-)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Neil's dad. I always wanted to curl...did it once but no one told me what the "signals" meant.