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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Week

Last week had 2 days riding, Tuesday had a lesson on cows it went well, and Thursday rode by myself, I warmed up then wrote Easy's name in the arena and then went out in the pasture for a ride.  he was good but kinda looky and he was pretty careful where he walked on uneven ground as soon as we got to the road he was much faster.  I am in the Central show this Saturday but don't think Ill make it over there till Thursday and Friday.
(the sun was shining and thought Id get a shadow pic
 but he was standing so his ears are missing)

(super sunset Thursday night)

On Friday I started tearing out my old deck and seeing what I have so I can start the deck on the new house.  Wonder when its not gonna be called the new house anymore?  I drew up some plans, looks like it will be 12 by 33.  Not as handy as our other square one which was 16 by 22.  And it will be about 4 feet off the ground so we will have to build stairs and a railing.  I was working on the window seat first but then decided I should wait till they come and straighten our window, looks like it will be next week so not too long to wait.
(about how big and where the new deck will be)

(the old deck coming out)

(the plans)

Then Saturday was the big day of the 80th party.  Was a really long day but a good one.  We got there early and got all the food cut up and over to the hall then we decided to have family pictures taken but the photographer was sick....I think it was a nice day, but I'm not sure.  I didn't know we were getting pics taken but it worked out alright.
(mmm, carrot cake)

(the birthday boy)

(and the whole family.....
Jon, Amanda, Jordan, me, Neil, Karyn, Carlos and
 Lawerence and Pat in front)

Sunday morning we went to visit the neighbors cause Neil wanted to rent a land roller and squish the rocks in the hay field and then after lunch a few relatives from the party come by on the way home to see the new house, that was cool.  I'm glad they could come down all the way from Peace River to visit Lawerence.
(the land roller)

(and crocuses (croci??) Neil picked me)

And yesterday I met friends in town for lunch it was a birthday and then we walked.  It was pretty chilly when we started but much warmer when we got done.  Then I came home and more deck came apart.  I'm taking the pieces I don't need to my sisters tomorrow and we are gonna build her a raised garden.  Will be good practice for when I build my own ;)
(the dugout looked huge this morning, I think it was the wind)

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Linda said...

My deck isn't 12 feet...I wish it was wider but it's too late now.