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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Neil's Birthday

Yesterday was Neil's birthday.  He booked himself a doctors appointment to get the results of his blood work back, why book on your birthday???  He said he wont forget the date that way.  Pretty goofy not what I wanna do on my birthday.  But I went with him and we went for lunch and then we went to look at a truck we had decided this spring was the time my truck needed to be replaced since it had a lot of kms on it and no warranty left and it needed a few repairs (and new tires) and we thought get rid of it before spending a lot of money on it.

So I had a list of wants and needs in my new truck and this one has everything off both lists :) totally didn't expect that but its perfect.  We even got 0% financing, that's pretty sweet too.  I'm super excited I just wanna drive everywhere haha, one would think it was my first new vehicle but its just so much more than the last one that we kinda cheaped out on.  Also has auto start, dont think I could live without that now that I've had it for 9 years.  But if below -4*C it turns on heated seats and steering wheel as well :)
(whole view)

(metallic steel, looks dark blue to me)

(inside, so many electronics, 
and so easy to change whats on the dash)

(gear shift is a button, 4wd, trailer brakes built in,
 no navigation but that can be added if I wanted, 
not sure I need it yet)

(cloth heated seats, with center console, also has heated steering wheel)

(cubby holes under back seat floor mat, 
removable and holds 8 beer and ice haha)

(fold flat floors and split rear benches)

(bedliner included)

(pretty fancy dual chrome tipped exhaust)

(20" tires, not sure if they are better than 16s or not
 but he said everyone wants them)

I can't wait till I get to haul with it too, can haul up to 9200 lbs, that's crazy!  My trailer fully loaded with horses and tack is less than 6000 so should be no problem at all.

Afterwards we headed to Brooks for supper with his family so we could take it for a drive, drives pretty nice on the highway even if we were detoured through a gravel road cause of an accident and made my truck dusty, it's gonna be hard to keep clean being so dark, no different than my green one I guess.  We went back to his moms after for cake and presents then headed home it worked out real good.
(we went to Denny's it was good)

(Neil and his weird eyes had the 
honey jalapeno sriracha bacon burger)

(he got a branding torch from his mom and dad, 
tried lighting it with a lighter)

(Neil and Carlos having cheesecake)

(I got him a wallet and these coffee print for his office)

I laughed at Neil case I got a new truck for his birthday he just said wait till you see what happens on your birthday....not sure what that meant????


Shirley said...

Oooooo pretty! Love the colour. Heated seats and steering wheel- girl you are getting spoiled! Nice truck!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Happy birthday to Neil! Sweet truck. His gifts look fun. I miss Denny's. Haven't been there in a while. Which Model Ram is it? Never mind. I just blew up the picture. I have a 1500 too, but I don't think it hauls that much.

Ruth said...

Sounds like a really nice day!!! I love your new truck!!!

lisa said...

sounds like a pretty good birthday to me. I think I will do the same when the hubbies birthday comes around ;)

cdncowgirl said...

Sweet truck! My stepdad just got a new Dodge ecodiesel... I've always had Chev or Ford but now I'm thinking my next truck may be a Dodge (that's NO time soon though!)

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Oh man, that's nice! Three years into it and I still love my Dodge. :-)