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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Out In The Big Wide Open

So today my arena was perfect weather was warm and it was time to ride :)  Was later than i planned for having to give Neil a ride to pick up his tractor and cultivator cause he was finished farming.  But none the less I was going anyways.  So went to catch Easy and Pally and Pally walked away which was fine I didn't know if I wanted both today anyways.  So walked into the arena where I had my cones set up with pinwheels in them and he walked by them like its no big deal, yay new things aren't too scary.

Then I saddled and rode in the arena for about 10 minutes and he was kinda being a dork going towards the gate where Pally was but not too bad but I was getting bored and he was listening so thought we would walk out to the bull field.  Hes been out but everything is so different here and hes pretty used to flat ground and not watching his feet so I'm taking it slow for now cause no idea how hell react but if its bad it will be big sideways and I don't last too long on that.

He was actually pretty good, we talked to Neil, hes actually really good in the yard hes used to all that stuff going on he was a bit looky cause its all so different but never hesitated to go anywhere I asked.  It was only a short trip cause oh boy were the bugs bad, I had no idea they aren't bad in the yard but out where the grass was a little long by the water eww, shoulda wore bugspray.
(after he was tied up a bit he gets a treat and gets to graze for a few minutes, 
he's getting soft gonna have to ride him more if we wanna be fit enough to cut)

(Some pony was pretty sad she got left behind.  
Maybe this afternoon will be her turn)

Came back past Neil and then the north horses come thundering up, i heard them long before we seen them and then he wanted to go over there but I said no and we went back to the arena and rode around in there for a few more minutes till he was more settled.  Every other pony was calling its quite annoying, guess they all need more work.  When they are like that I wish I just had one, its frustrating cause there is nothing I can do about it.


TeresaA said...

You have a lot of horses to work. :) I'm glad that it worked out on your ride.

Shirley said...

Won't be long before Easy gets used to your ranch. Hope you do well at the shows this summer!

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like a decent ride, the bugs aren't bad here yet, but I bet they are coming

4RRanch said...

just getting caught up, glad the snow is gone and you are getting some riding time in on Easy. Keeping up with all those horses is a full time job.