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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hes Home!

Last week after Bailey left I went for a lesson.  Was really good, lots of people there though but that's OK.  Doug asked if I was gonna come the next day I said I planned on it and he asked if I would bring my trailer and take him home and to the show since his trailer was full.  So no problem I was going to bring him home from the show anyways might as well.  So Friday I brought the trailer and then had another good lesson, I worked a couple cows then he worked him on the flag a bit.  It was neat to see him work Easy since I never get to.  Took him home put him in the big pen next to Pally and Trio and fed and was done for the night, I was tired and we had a show in the morning.

(watching me)

(how cute, sniffing noses, 
wasn't any squealing or anything I was surprised)

Woke up the next morning to a gale!  I never slept real good cause wind all night and was sure there was gonna be snow on the ground, but nope was actually +8 when I got up that was weird.  So did chores and got everything organized and then went to get Easy.  Neil was gonna help me cause that wind was so nasty wasn't sure of the trailer door.  I walked to the gate with his halter and he come running to me!  Probly wanted back in the barn.....sorry bud no barn here.  But was cool.  Then he did not want to load.  Took about 5 tries and he finally got in, but was screaming the whole time.  Ugh sure hoped it was only the wind. Cause I know he's been loaded a million times before.

Got to the show and miserable there too.  Still screaming in the trailer so I unloaded him and tied him to the side of the trailer with a hay bag and went inside to see what was going on.  I was way early they had just finished the open and were settling for non pro.  Still had 4 herds before mine.  Oh well got to see a bunch of the other barnies show and so that was cool.  Easy was still having a fit at the trailer 2 hours later so I finally saddled him up and brought him inside and tied him to the wall and he had a nap.  Turns out he never has been by himself before, not in the trailer or anywhere really, always had other horses around.  Might have to start hauling the pony with him everywhere we go, hell be like a racehorse haha.

But then he was warmed up nicely and I got on and rode him a bit just to see how he felt and then it was our turn.  I was last in the herd of course (again) and so just got whatever cows were left.   First one was a black and she run wall to wall.  I was pretty happy with it, I made it to the wall a few times, coulda been a little farther a couple times but I have a hard time getting him to go to the wall going left so that was big.

The second cow was much turnier was fun!  We stayed on her and she was a good cow.  Then only a little time left and I got another one cut out, that was hard but I liked my herd work on it and got a turn and the buzzer rang and so I made one more turn and we quit.    Super happy with that run and it earned me a 71!!!!  Best score I have ever had, won the class, not that it matters cause next time I will be smarter and enter the non pro so I can go earlier at least at central shows.
(I let him graze while I unsaddled and brushed him out,
 he dried so quick cause of the wind)

Came home, he loaded a little better, still hesitant but at home he went right to see his friends in the next pen and then was just quiet.  Bad day to bring him home with all that wind hes not used to.  But I feel a huge relief that even though he can have a fit and be so upset he still can show like its no big deal.  I love that.  And now 2 days later hes just hangs out, not even by the others all the time, i am gonna put Pally in with him soon and they can be buddies.  Hes had 2 days off and today will be back to work.  I was told I have to ride him everyday to keep him in shape.  I will probly go for a lesson tomorrow and see whats going on.  Im not showing this weekend so no rush for lessons for me.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Interesting that his comfort zones revolve around his experience. I think most people assume that if a horse shows well, it can do anything. But even with things they've had experience with, if one little thing is different, it could cause them to pitch a fit. I'm glad he's settling in with the herd well. I like that blanket.

Shirley said...

Good job! Pretty nice that even after being all upset about being alone he settled down and got'r done. Sensible boy- and he'll get used to the new dynamics of his life. Pally will make a good pal for him :o)

4RRanch said...

What do you mean, "won the class, not that it matters" Of course it matters, Congratulation! and a personal best. way to go.

Linda said...

I just think how out of sorts I might be if my whole life was transplanted in a windstorm. That wind was horrible. I was going to ride that morning but changed my mind after we did the barn chores and it really started blowing.