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Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Great Outdoors

Been so much going on around here, been picking rocks in the arena I think they grow overnight

And then the young geese who I think are looking for a nest been waking my up at 6 with all their honking

And the goose nest we saw in the creek hill which now has been found by coyotes, she needs a better spot

Oh and I been working on the deck and one morning the crows were having a fit and I looked out and a horned owl was out there chasing them off, yay!  And he stuck around all morning while I was out there.  No nest in the yard but I think there is one in the creek.

And the house guy came and fixed our crooked window so now can work on the window seat as soon as I find baskets what a hassle finding big enough ones.

And I headed on a long tour to help a friend haul horses home and saw pheasants on the way (also saw other cool stuff but with a trailer hard to stop and take pics, like a bull snake)

And our cows laying on the hay field, we are half done calving now that's nice there's a pile of calves out there and I haven't even been out riding out there :(

(have to look hard at this one she was a long ways down in the brush by the creek.)

And then last night we had a few neighbors over for turkey supper and the one brought me a cool colored rose and another a houseplant (I'm so bad I don't even know what it is) I said they dont have to bring anything but they did.

And I got a package int the mail, totally forgot about it, its from the Alberta Equestrian Federation rewards for riding or driving my horses.  I didn't realize I was supposed to send them in when I got them so sent in 4 at once and got all the prizes too, not very many hours last year, stupid sore back but this year is better already.

Now it looks like rain today but I'm hoping to ride first and then on to the Mane Event in Red Deer tomorrow should be fun!


cdncowgirl said...

Pretty cool that they give you something for doing what you love ;)

Kinda jealous of the window seat, that's something I've always wanted. Bet it will be awesome when you're done! (love your new house btw) :)

Hey if you go by Dee's Tack Shack in the trade show at Mane Event you may see a couple of my friends :) I know Dee and my friend Shelbie is supposed to be helping her.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Is that a real rose? I know they are doing amazing things with roses these days...

Mrs. Shoes was just blogging about how loud the geese are. At least the coyotes whoop it up for only a minute and then shut up, but geese don't know when to quit.

Crystal said...

Oh Lisa I will stop by there. And i love our house too and I too always wanted a window seat just never had a place for one before.

And NuzzMuzz, it is real, it looks like they dyed it as it was growing cause the thorn spots are different colors too its really neat

Linda said...

We have magpies..want some? I really wanted to go to the Mane Event this year..wish it wasn't right in the middle of calving.

Shirley said...

You been busy! Hope the rest of calving goes well for you. Beautiful rose!
The house plant is a Kalanchoe. Pretty easy to look after.