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Friday, January 30, 2015

Scary Scary Fun

On Saturday the 24th I took Razz up to a bombroofing clinic for driving courses.  Usually she likes to do a 2 day clinic where the first day is on the ground and the second is a short refresher then we ground drive them through the same obstacles. Didn't do it cause not enough interest till last minute.  But worked good for me as Razz doesn't ground drive.  
Was 5 hours of fantastic fun.  She was so awesome.  Pretty looky at first but settled right in.  She went through the carwash, over a teetering bridge, over tarp, past flags, through gates, handled an umbrella opening over her, pool noodles all around, and even walking through water bottles, oh and bells and the big ball.  At the end we did everything at once tarps over them with bells on, ball thrown at them going through carwash.  Amazing what they will put up with ;)  I was super proud of her.
They are talking about a 2 day on mid March and I'd like to go to that as well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last fall I was posting on a comment on some lady who was looking for a horse amd I thought Dee might work for her....she wasnt wanting to spend that much and thats fine.  But while on there a lady posted she had some black paints for sale.  So I stupidly (or rather just impulsivly) asked her about them.  Well turns out they are exactly what I would be looking for if I was looking.   Which I wasnt at the time. 

Well I kept coming back to them...she finally sent me pictures...not too much white like I like.  Cow bred, quiet temperment, not too big.  Well I ciuldnt resist.  So last Monday I went to look at them.  There is a yearling and a 4 year old.  Both full sisters.  I was thinking a 2 or 3 year old but they were geldings and id prefer a mare.  She also has the 5 year old and he was broke and quiet the 6 year old was doing drill team in Rimby. 

We went and looked at the mare and she was quiet nit broke and not an in your face mare but nice.  She's from twin arrows so all cow bred...and pretty.  The sire was there too.  He is now gelded and lives with the mares all year.  Hes 18 and was a ranch horse and stud on some ranch out east then a stud on a small place before they got him.  Hes super friendly and super quiet....but they had lots of foals and she likes the arabs so she is going that way...already has some half arab paint colts and they are pretty nice.  Has a older arab stud she used to show on until she had kids.

She said she bred for temperment then confirmation then color.   He was bay.  The mare black.  And she had another couple mares as well but not related to the ones I looked at.

The older mare is halter broke good with feet and vaccinated and wormed.  The young one nothings been done with her, but shes friendly enough we walked up and scratched her so it wont be a big deal.

The older mare is named Cali....how odd but I imagine ill change it cause already had one of those around and yhats too confusing.

The younger is Trio cause she has 3 diamonds in a row on her neck.  Of course now her mane is long it covers them but the name still sticks.

Didnt get any pictures cause I stupidly forgot my camera but she sent me a couple so thats what these are.  Pretty sure they are co.ing home but not sure when.  Im kinda excited about it :)

Been a long time since ive had a young horse gonna be a little different.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Was playing with blogger on my phone and published a post with just a title.  Ooops so here's the words now.  I got my first ride of the year today, a 20 minute ride on Jessie.  And my second 2 which is my first ride on Razz this year.  And I rode for the first time in my arena.....in the snow.  And first time I rode in my riding muck boots, I like them but am afraid I got a size too small as they squish my left middle toes.  Not the right but I will try them again before I decide for sure it was the boots not me.

First was Jessie.  She wasn't sure a ride should be in her future today and thought shed walk away when i went to catch her, well I'm tired of that nonsense so I chased her and about half way around the corral she stopped and came up to me.  Much better, I used to just follow  her for about 5 minutes at a walk but that's not needed on a good horse.  I tacked her up and away we went.  Decided to use the middle as it was less snow although still enough.  We walked and packed it down pretty good then trotted a bit and then went through the middle to change directions.  Did the same the other way.  She was a bit leaning towards her buddies at the end but easy to correct.  

We got a video going that way and then went through the middle stopped and did a poor imitation a turnaround then went back and trotted a little more both ways and called it quits.  It was so fun tho!

Then onto Razz.  I was a bit nervous as its been quite a while and so I had no expectations.   She does love to be ridden so that makes it easier.  I forget how much energy she has until I ride her again.  Anyways got all go and I thought Id kinda do the same this as Jessie, stay on the circle do some walking and trotting and changes of directions and go with that.  Well Neil came over and was chatting while I was riding but I didn't quit I just kept going kinda calmed me down a bit really cause I had to think of what he was saying and not worry about what my horse might do....Stupid worry.  Anyways she was in a hurry so I let her trot a bit and we changed direction lots and lots of stop and then go again.  She holds her head so much more collected than Jessie and puts it so low it worries me, but she stops so soft and collected its so nice!  We did a bit more of the same and our circle wasnt as nice as Jess's but I am glad I did that it gave me something to do.  Yay now onto longer more pushing rides now I know shes gonna be good.

Made the collages for the challenge page as it is nicer if all the pics stay together with the post.  And I kinda liked them so put them here too.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Well I got a pair of reindeer horns on a headband at the dollar store this winter and thought I would put them on the horses.  2 days before Christmas I finally remembered them and after a ride I put them on Jess.  Not sure she was that impressed with them lol (they are not tight I made sure the tops of the horns move a lot though it probly felt weird it did to me when I had them on)  Of course she liked them more as I was feeding her treats.  I like the look of Bailey in the background wondering what I'm doing now.

Haha was fun.  Wanted to get better pics and on all horses but I forgot till it was too late, maybe next year.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Cows

Well its been a week into the horsemanship challenge and I have racked up all of 0 rides and 0 hours.  Whew I best get going on this.  I was pretty bummed out that yesterday was the first cutting show of the winter series and I was at home :(  I haven't rode since before Christmas and I haven't been to a lesson since September cause the weather has been bad.  Pretty depressed about it.  And today was the first barrel race of the spring fling and I was gonna run Bailey and Razz in it and last night at midnight I looked for when the time onlies were and they started at 10, that means I woulda had to leave her before 8 and I was so not prepared for that.  And since I haven't rode them much either I was unprepared so I stayed home.  Oh well I guess there is one next Sunday I will plan on that.  And 2 weeks till the next cutting gives me time.  Id like to do something different with Razz, either reining (although I doubt I can cause I want to keep her in the bosal) or maybe some western dressage, just wish I didn't have to join so many associations, that's why I liked the barrel racing series I was in just go and pay, no obligations.

But in the meantime we got 30 new cows on the 21st of December and they are all 3 year old and darn expensive this year.  But that was our plan and since calves were worth more I guess we can pay more for cows.

They come from our neighbor and he branded them and delivered them.  We kept them in for a couple days then turned them out with out cows.  They are super quiet I think they will be nice.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Razz Pictures

Haven't been feeling well this past week or two but on the 27th it was a super nice day and the ponies were resting in the sun and I got some cool ones of Razz, including when I woke her up :)  Her coat is super soft and the black is so warm in the sun, I can see why she was sleeping.  I am doing the horsemanship challenge with her this year and I can't wait till tomorrow when it starts but I probly wont ride if it don't warm up a bit.