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Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Cows

Well its been a week into the horsemanship challenge and I have racked up all of 0 rides and 0 hours.  Whew I best get going on this.  I was pretty bummed out that yesterday was the first cutting show of the winter series and I was at home :(  I haven't rode since before Christmas and I haven't been to a lesson since September cause the weather has been bad.  Pretty depressed about it.  And today was the first barrel race of the spring fling and I was gonna run Bailey and Razz in it and last night at midnight I looked for when the time onlies were and they started at 10, that means I woulda had to leave her before 8 and I was so not prepared for that.  And since I haven't rode them much either I was unprepared so I stayed home.  Oh well I guess there is one next Sunday I will plan on that.  And 2 weeks till the next cutting gives me time.  Id like to do something different with Razz, either reining (although I doubt I can cause I want to keep her in the bosal) or maybe some western dressage, just wish I didn't have to join so many associations, that's why I liked the barrel racing series I was in just go and pay, no obligations.

But in the meantime we got 30 new cows on the 21st of December and they are all 3 year old and darn expensive this year.  But that was our plan and since calves were worth more I guess we can pay more for cows.

They come from our neighbor and he branded them and delivered them.  We kept them in for a couple days then turned them out with out cows.  They are super quiet I think they will be nice.


lisa said...

Cattle around here are expensive. We bought one last year at 50 dollars and this year the guy wanted 300 for the same breed. Glad we only have to buy one or two a year. I have never been one for the cold riding. (good thing I don't live on a ranch!) I give the horses a break during the winter months. Looks like you got a nice looking set of cows.

fernvalley01 said...

good quiet cows are worth a little more too! I am so over needing a clown barrel during calving!