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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too Much to Say Wednesday

So I missed wordless Wednesday this week and then I was thinking I was gonna put up the pics I saw of the geese on Sunday.  I actually got my sister to take them as I was driving.   It was pretty amazing to see them all at once so close like that, guess they didn't think it was cold enough to fly south yet.

Then today as I was on my way home I was surprised at the animals at the texas gate.  I thought some cows were out, until I saw them.  And Neil drove in the yard about 10 minutes behind me and he thought my horses were out there, lol.  But nope to each, was a little unexpected to see Mooses.    So I got a few pics of them movin and then I stopped and they stopped to look at me so that was nice of them I thought :)  Looks like a mom and baby.  Guess we shoulda got a moose hunting licence this year, who knew.

and Neil got our signs up from our 100 years homesteaded here.  They look pretty good, We are probly gonna remove the 2x4s on the front and maybe put our brand on the posts yet, we haven't decided, but so far I like it.

So lots of pics I coulda used for Wednesday, but am a little bit late and I think they needed words.  Or at least I needed words (like always, lol)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Not much going on here to blog about.  Still waiting on fence to be done so I can move the ponies and ride, don't know why its taking so long, kinda annoyed about it really.

Went to my Moms scrap booking on Friday and worked on my vacation from this summer, about half done it, its going a lot slower than I thought it would.  Then afterwards I stayed over at my sisters and we went down to the Spruce Meadows Christmas Fair.  I had never been but had always wanted too.  Little bit of a lineup with cars getting in but once we were there was all good.  Lots of vendors, some indoors and some out.  I didn't really buy a lot just kinda a few things and wanted to see what they had, next year probly more Christmas gifts will come from there.  We also seen the reindeer from Sunday Stills there, that was rather unexpected :)
(couple pics our hunters gave us, not as fond of the wolf, 
but really like the bottom one)
Otherwise just starting to decorate for Christmas and making plans on where we are spending it.  Sure am hoping it gets warm so I can go riding out here, although probly too slippery since there is ice under all our snow, but hopefully better in the pastures than the yard.  We had a few hunters out, we are less 2 buck and a doe deer.  But yesterday Neil said we still had 3 bucks, so no shortage of deer around here.

I am not that fond of this time of year, nights start to early and I get super bored, but I do get to see the sunrise and sunset every day now.  Quite often miss sunrise in summer cause it is so early.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Animals in Black and White

This week I had great plans of getting my black and white horse in just snow and hoping I could do a color pic and have it look black and white, but I never had the chance, but yesterday at Spruce Meadows Christmas Fair they had reindeers there and so got a few pics of them since I figured no one else will probly have reindeer :)  I didn`t have my camera with me, so the pics are off my camera with no flash, so they are not as good as I had hoped, specially the laying down one, but here they are anyways.

First was Donner standing up and eating, we tried to get him to look towards us but he wouldn`t.  First in Black and White and then in color.

Then Comet laying down, his antlers are pretty big!

Then lastly I got Dasher sleeping, looks like one of his antlers has been broken off but it didnt seem to bother him nor did all the people around, he just slept through it all.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Farrier Day Again

Today was farrier day at my house.  He was coming at 2:30 so at 1:30 I went out to get the ponies.  The weather was above zero but there was a wind.  Of course the wind was coming from towards me so the horses never heard me till I was really close even though I was calling them.  Finally they all seen me and I was only about 50 feet away.  They were surprised and I didn't think they were gonna come, which would suck cause I never brought out any halters, but again I underestimated my Bailey girl, she comes galloping over and leads the rest up too :)

(I was being watched)
I get them in the corral and go to get some halters and see Jason!  I had to ask him if he was early and was lucky he said yes, whew, I didn't think I was that behind.  I caught Jessie, Kali and Bailey and led them out and we did them first then he said he had more time so I got George, Razz and Disco.  I didn't know how much time he had cause when he phoned back he talked to Neil and Neil never asked all the questions, just the time.  But he said he had time so they got done too.

I turned out everyone except Jessie and Kali they stayed in the corral and they didn't even notice the others leaving, just got sidetracked by sticking their head in the bale.  The place we want to board is putting in new fences with pipe poles and their pen is not done yet :(  I sure hope its soon or I might have to start hauling somewhere to ride, way to slippery here at home, specially with Jessie and her shoes.

Then afterwards I cleaned my brushes cause they were so grimy I didn't even want to touch them, I am liking the way they come out, almost looks like new.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Snacks

This week for Sunday Stills we are doing snacks!!  I love snack, chips fruit, cookies, chocolate and even cereal I like as a snack.  I can say I honestly never have tried Ed's tuna snack, but it probly is good too :)

For everyone else's favorite snacks, check out the Sunday Stills page.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend in Great Falls

On Friday we headed down to Great falls.  Neil had ordered a gas heater for his stock waterer and we wanted to go shopping as well.  My Mom and Clint and Heidi and Liz also went along.
(The dam my Mom took, I dunno how she made it look black and white tho)

We left after lunch Friday and stopped in Lethbridge for supper and then kept on trucking.  It was later when we got there so we got a hotel and headed to bed to be up bright and early for shopping.
(the cool Zebra head in Scheels)

 (never seen a hereford buffalo before)

The first stop was Big R where most of Neils stuff was at, as well as a lot of mine.  I got some pretty cool stuff too :)  I knew going in I had a list of things I wanted and so I knew where I wanted to go and got almost everything I wanted.
(Was quite suprised to see they are making colored jeans again)

We went to the mall and Hoglands and Western Ranch Supply and Walmart and finally about 1:30 am we were pooped so went back to hotel to bed ready for Sunday.
 (bought a couple rubbermaids to fill cause much easier to bring home, filled with 
groceries, my mattress cover and runners!)

 (My new purse and matching wallet)

 (really cool cheetah footy jammies)

 (Jeans, lined jeans, show shirt and long sleeve shirt)

(and some horsey stuff too, cinch, treats, wormer, tubs, laser sheen)

We were a little lazier getting up Sunday but still got to most stores we wanted and then after lunch we headed back and got home around 7.  It was a good trip, but I sure coulda used another day of which I will get later cause Neils heater wasnt it cause the guy he ordered it from got fired before he ordered it, so he ordered it somewhere else and we are gonna go back for a quick trip again when its in.  I am glad cause I really wanted a pair of boots, but nothin was on sale that I liked, so maybe next time I can find some.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Plans

So since Tuesday I have changed my mind, lol.  Sure did not take long.  I am actually gonna bring Jessie and Kali down to Theresa's for a couple months.  And keep Jazz at home and work with her more here then bring her down later when I might be brave enough to get one her and she is ready (which I am afraid will be before me)

But the girl I am riding with this winter wants to jump a little so maybe Kals will have a new career.  There is a instructor there that jumps a lot and so we can get her help if we need but mostly will be for fun.  And the owner of the stable is going barrel racing this winter and we might hop in with her a few times just for fun as well.  However I think Kals will be a better jumper than barrel racer but it might get her out and moving a little better.

So I spent the day sewing up blankets and collecting stuff to go with me and boy a horse sure uses a lot of stuff, especially 2 of different sizes in 2 different disciplines   But not a real big worry cause if I forget something I am home every day and can just bring it the next time as long as its not something real important like my saddle.  I am gonna even try riding Kal in my English saddle and see how that goes.  She might get a few rides in the western one until I feel comfortable since it will be almost a month since I rode last!  Wow that makes me sad to think about that but glad I am getting going again.

And Jessie will just get rode and hopefully after a week or 2 I will get to go to more lessons.  Again it seems like forever since I been, guess I better get more on the ball and more consistent if I am gonna get anything done.  Will be easier now that there is less to do and I have an indoor arena to ride in no matter them temps or the amount of snow on the ground.

And we are headed down to Great Falls for the weekend and I am so excited!  I have so many things I want to get down there and just will enjoy spending the weekend away.  Neil and my Mom and Clint and my Sister and her friend Liz are all going down so it should be a fun filled weekend but exhausting as well.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Impatient and Bored

So no post in a few days, but not much going on around here, we got the calves weaned and the cows preg checked and the calves got vaccinated yesterday.  But otherwise just moving on into winter.  Even the cats think its winter, he sure had a lot of winter hair ;)

And we have had some really foggy days, like when Neil was bringing the bulls in, it was cold so he took the truck and the bulls took their slow sweet time too.  You would think they would be in a hurry to get home to good feed and shelter with straw.

And the sun started shining on Sunday and made a mud puddle, but there was still lots of snow on my walk down the road.

Then yesterday was just wonderful it was so warm and sunny and almost all our snow dissapeared.

And our Polish hunters were out scouting around and they will be back this week but they brought us a bunch of candies and stuff from Poland, have only tried one kind so far, but is was sure good!

And I talked to Teresa and am gonna bring Jessie and Jazz (I think Jazz, still deciding, lol) down there for the winter, probly going down next week after I go to the farrier.  So its all coming together, it just is taking forever and I am not very patient.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Closer Look

This week we needed to get up close and so I got a few pics of items where i can see detail.

First off is my Christmas Cactus.  I thought I could get a new leaf coming but of course none started this week, so I just got a old leaf and I think I got too close cause you can see the dust on it!

Then since I have been fiddling with my hackmore this week I got a close up of it too.

And the horsehair reins on the smaller one which look fuzzy but in reality are a little pokey, but not bad I don`t even think I will need gloves with them.

And lastly I got this pretty flower I bought one time and it has no real home just kinda floats around the house but I like it so I don`t wanna get rid of it.

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