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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too Much to Say Wednesday

So I missed wordless Wednesday this week and then I was thinking I was gonna put up the pics I saw of the geese on Sunday.  I actually got my sister to take them as I was driving.   It was pretty amazing to see them all at once so close like that, guess they didn't think it was cold enough to fly south yet.

Then today as I was on my way home I was surprised at the animals at the texas gate.  I thought some cows were out, until I saw them.  And Neil drove in the yard about 10 minutes behind me and he thought my horses were out there, lol.  But nope to each, was a little unexpected to see Mooses.    So I got a few pics of them movin and then I stopped and they stopped to look at me so that was nice of them I thought :)  Looks like a mom and baby.  Guess we shoulda got a moose hunting licence this year, who knew.

and Neil got our signs up from our 100 years homesteaded here.  They look pretty good, We are probly gonna remove the 2x4s on the front and maybe put our brand on the posts yet, we haven't decided, but so far I like it.

So lots of pics I coulda used for Wednesday, but am a little bit late and I think they needed words.  Or at least I needed words (like always, lol)


aurora said...

I've never seen moose in person, nice pics. 100 years on the family ranch, how special! I think adding the brands to the homestead signs would be cool.

Louisa Valentina; said...

How cool that, that land has been in the family for 100 years - does the government do those plaques? I've never seen them before. I think your guys' brand would look wicked on the posts!!