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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Plans

So since Tuesday I have changed my mind, lol.  Sure did not take long.  I am actually gonna bring Jessie and Kali down to Theresa's for a couple months.  And keep Jazz at home and work with her more here then bring her down later when I might be brave enough to get one her and she is ready (which I am afraid will be before me)

But the girl I am riding with this winter wants to jump a little so maybe Kals will have a new career.  There is a instructor there that jumps a lot and so we can get her help if we need but mostly will be for fun.  And the owner of the stable is going barrel racing this winter and we might hop in with her a few times just for fun as well.  However I think Kals will be a better jumper than barrel racer but it might get her out and moving a little better.

So I spent the day sewing up blankets and collecting stuff to go with me and boy a horse sure uses a lot of stuff, especially 2 of different sizes in 2 different disciplines   But not a real big worry cause if I forget something I am home every day and can just bring it the next time as long as its not something real important like my saddle.  I am gonna even try riding Kal in my English saddle and see how that goes.  She might get a few rides in the western one until I feel comfortable since it will be almost a month since I rode last!  Wow that makes me sad to think about that but glad I am getting going again.

And Jessie will just get rode and hopefully after a week or 2 I will get to go to more lessons.  Again it seems like forever since I been, guess I better get more on the ball and more consistent if I am gonna get anything done.  Will be easier now that there is less to do and I have an indoor arena to ride in no matter them temps or the amount of snow on the ground.

And we are headed down to Great Falls for the weekend and I am so excited!  I have so many things I want to get down there and just will enjoy spending the weekend away.  Neil and my Mom and Clint and my Sister and her friend Liz are all going down so it should be a fun filled weekend but exhausting as well.


fernvalley01 said...

Your perogative to change your mind, whatever works best. Sounds like a good plan though

Paint Girl said...

I wish I had an indoor arena!! I have a friend that has one, but she lives about 30 minutes from me and it's all dark, curvy back roads! Not worth it. So my ponies get the winter off. But that's not a bad thing... one is on stall rest anyways, I don't ride my Arab much because of her arthritis, my 3 yr old filly just needs to grow up more, so that gives me plenty of time for getting Rio gentled!
Have fun and looking forward to hearing all about it!

Shirley said...

When it comes to the youngsters I always want someone younger and braver than me to be the first one on, but I did suck it up with Chickory and had no problems. Sometimes our self doubt is our worst enemy.
It'll be interesting to see how Kali takes to her new career.