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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sand Castles and Wild Rice

Every time I go to Jardis to ride, I pass by this one hoodoo that reminds me of a sandcastle, so finally I stopped the other night and got a picture of it.

While I was there I got looking around at other formations and some of them look like caves

And others look like they have the platform on top

It was just kinda neat to stop and have a look at them cause I drive by so many times and never really look.

I also seen these pretty pink flowers growing in the sloughs and one time I asked Jardi what they were and she told me wild rice.  I thought it was kinda weird, so I stopped to get a closer look.

They are really neat, they grow underwater that's not too deep and the roots are hardly in the ground and all the plants seem connected.

I picked one and took it home thinking it might ripen, but when I took one pink piece off inside was a dark kernel, maybe its ripe already.

It was cool to think we grow wild rice in the dry prairies though.  I don't know if any of this is fact, Just observation.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend--Sunday Stills and Other Things

This weekend was a full one again.  But I figure I might as well get as much fun stuff in while the summer is still here.  And believe me it is still here, with a high of 30 today.  Was a breeze ever appreciated.

I missed out on Sunday Stills this week cause I had too much going on, but I sure do have pests, one of the biggest is people who let their children run amok in the store.  Do they think no one notices them running and screaming, they are a pest to everyone else shopping.  And people who don't signal grrr, they are a pest to every other driver out there.  But also pest pests, like bugs.  Ed said extra points for who could get a mosquito and there was one in my truck the other night coming home, but this is the best shot I got of him.
But while I was stopped on the side of the road trying to get a mosquito picture, and I am sure that if anywone drove by they woulda had a laugh at me, but I glaned over at the mirror and saw the sunset and so I took this weird cool shot of it.

And its not that good, but I also have other pests like weeds, like this Kochia (however its spelt is still weed.) growing in front of my shop.
And the worst pest around is the mice, we had lots of snow last year so the mice just lived under it all insulated and there are a million of them around, we have them in the house (usually we get a couple a year) and in the tack shed and everywhere we go there is mice, I guess there is too many for two cats to eat, specially when its hot and he has to lay under the truck to cool off.

 But onto other things, Saturday morning, we were awakened by a phone call at 6 saying there was a fire in our neighbors Barley field.  Wow sure don't like those phone calls especially early in the morning.  But luckily it was in the grass and wasn't too bad to put out, a little rain earlier made the grass tough and it was pretty slow moving.  The guy who seen it was driving on the highway and drove in and called the fire department and woke up our neighbor.  Nice guy, and he worked hard to put it out himself before anyone got there.  So we visited and had coffee and then headed home to start the day.  At lest I wasn't late for Doug and Linda to pick me up when we attended the Hayes Sale and it was good, lots of nice quiet colts there, if I were looking, I probly woulda ended up with one (or two) you know me, lol.  But I refrained cause I certainly don't need anymore projects.  Then I skipped the wedding dance cause we were just too tired.  But I did wash my coolers and hung them on the fence to dry.  The eeyore was is my favorite, but I got the blue one at UFA cause Neil had a gift certificate and now I see it has mouse holes in in from hanging at Jardis all summer.  I shoulda took it home and washed it before this but I spose it will still work.

Then today we were gonna go down and ride at Doug and Linda's but Linda wasn't feeling good, so Charlene and Catherine come over to my house and we had lunch and went for a nice two hour ride in the creek.  It was lots of fun.  I took Razz, Char had Dude and Cat had her mare TJ.  Of course I took no pictures, but was fun anyways.

Of course it couldn't go all as planned, here is my hitching rail now,

and here is it after Razz had a fit when I sprayed her with fly spray. Not sure why she freaked out, but she pulled back pretty hard and pulled the one post away from the rail and her and Kali were attached to the rail just hanging in the air.  Luckily Kali's rope wasn't tight ans just slipped off the end but Razz had hers really tight so no such luck but she just stopped and waited for me to fix it.  She was not in a panic cause she just put her head down to eat grass and waited.  Silly pony.  So after that I decided not to pony Kali as was the original plan.

and the rail on the ground, I had to get a new lead rope cause I couldn't get that one off without too much pulling.  After that she was fine on the ride, not sure why she was silly. 

When we come back everyone was sweating aso we hosed them off and Razz hasnt been hosed alot, but she wasnt afraid of the water, but OH MY the hose on the ground sneaking through the grass was pretty scary!  But was alright cause after bathing comes grazing in the lush green lawn, mmm.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Other Neglegted Ponies

Sometimes I feel like I am not ever posting about any ponies that I am not really doing anything with.  So here is an update on everyone except Jamaica and Dinero.

I'm sure I said this before, but every morning I give my ponies a little bit of oats (that they don't really need) just so I make sure they are up and I can get a good look at them.  This works really well in case someone got injured or if I want to ride one that day, they are waiting at the gate.

Jazz is still friendly, walking up to me every time I go out there, but nicely she will no come right up to me, she waits for me to pet her which I greatly appreciate.  Even though she wants me to scratch her, she waits just an arm length away for me to make the first move.

Belle is same as always, just close enough for oats but prefers me not to scratch her (although sometimes I do and it surprises her every time I just scratch and don't catch)  And Disco is a noisemaker, even if I can't see the horses she whinnies so I know she is out there.

And Casino is growing like a weed! She is now just about 2 1/2 months old and her bum is so big!  she is very pretty, just like her daddy.  I guess that's the pleasure breeding makes them look feminine.  I was talking to a lady at the wedding dance last Saturday night who bred her mare this year to Casinos sire (Redford's Blue Chip) in order to get a taller pleasure horse.  And I forgot till she mentioned it that he was very pretty, not stud like at all, more feminine like.  Which is amazing for such a big horse.

And Razz I think is wondering why I took Dinero to ride instead of her, but I don't want to ride her inside and she gets boarded all winter, I think she needs some downtime in pasture too. 

And Kali, really haven't done much with her, keep meaning to call a trainer to get her in but just keep forgetting or putting it off or something (I am a chicken, I admit, I don't really like others riding my horses so it's easier just to not phone even though I know it is what she and I need)

And Bailey, still haven't rode her much this year, and probly won't.  And Neils horse, George, he is same old same old.  I do think he is surprised he isn't boss horse anymore since I put Razz out there.  Razz was boss last summer when she had a foal and as soon as she walked out into that pasture he walked away from her so same all over again.  But they hang out together so I guess no hard feelings there.

Well this afternoon plan on riding Dinero again then work with Jamaica, yesterday I sprayed his tail and hopefully it will be not to tangley I can brush it.  Then Saturday is the Hayes Brothers Sale and another wedding dance.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Dinero and Jamaica

This week I been doing quite a bit of work with Jamaica. On Monday I went over and took him out of the stall and he was soo good.  Now he is so quiet, almost looking for people to visit him or to let him out of the stall.  I can just walk in and halter him no problem.  When in the alley way I tied him up and then brought over the wheelbarrow and cleaned his stall.  It was 30 there, so I didn't do a real good job cause I was melting, but good enough to last a few more days.

I rode Dinero alone cause no one else was around and I thought it might have been cooler to ride in the arena but after about 5 minutes I realized I forgot to water the arena so as soon as I started trotting it was really dusty, so we headed outside.  We walked out in the summer fallow field and he headed for a slough that I didn't want to go in, but he sure did.  So we headed there.  Since so many horses (like Kali) don't like to cross water I have a hard time not letting them go to it when they want to.  But since the edges were soft and muddy, his feet were black when we got home so he got another bath.

Yesterday I went over a little later in hopes it would be a little cooler, and it was a little bit, only about 25.  As soon as I got there, I caught Dinero and tied him in barn then got out Jamaica and tied him up too, and went to brushing him and I even sprayed his mane and brushed it and he was soo well behaved.

(its really hard to take pics in the barn)
Then Char came and we went out riding and were out a long ride about hour and a half and  we did a little loping and Dinero can go really fast!  It was funny, usually he does a slow arena lope, but he was really moving.  And best of all, when we slowed down to a walk, he was really calm.

Then today I went out with Char and Susan and Kendra and we went for another long ride and it was hot again!  Whew I was tired, but Dinero was good, he is getting so the dogs don't bother him anymore, he still tries to eat them if they walk in front of him, but okay with them running all around.  I also brushed Jamaica again, and maybe tomorrow I will takcle his tail, havent been brave enough yet, but he is so good with everything else, so no reason he should be a problem brushing the tail.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Does the Garden Grow?

Well I have kinda been abandoning the garden lately, I have much more fun things to do than weed.  But none the less, the garden keeps growing.  So I was out there and so far it looks like the herbs are doing well.

And surprisingly the tomatoes are  growing and have actual tomatoes on them.  They were so small and so late when I planted them I never imagined they would get big enough to grow anything but I guess they have.

And Cucumbers, well all the ones I started early have died, but on the off chance one grew, I planted some seeds and they are flowering and look like they might grow into a cucumber if we have no frost for a while yet.

And the lettuce is still taking over, even though I am trying to eat it down, I think I planted too much but now I see I like the butter crunch better in the spring cause it grows faster, but now the  darker stuff looks like it is lasting through the heat better.

And the onions are doing good, of course, I have never had trouble growing onions, but they are the kind you want to cook cause for some reason they are really hot.  I was told it was because they need more water and they are cooler, but both last year with rain and cool weather every day, and this year where I been watering every other day, doesn't seem to make much difference.

And carrots, I think they are probly big enough for me to pickle pretty quick.  I will probly eat a few fresh, but pickled is my favorite way to have carrots.

Haha and the hot peppers are kinda a joke this year as well as last year, I guess we just haven't had enough hot  weather.  I  grew them for the first time three years ago and they grew so awesomely I though I found the perfect plant for our hot dry climate, but apparently it was either fluke or it can't take the rain and cool.

And potatoes, I never have a problem growing them either, but storing them is a problem, so I just grow enough we can eat fresh for a month or two then eat store ones.

And so all in all the garden is doing alright although a little weedy, but that's why I plant so close  together to avoid a majority of weeds, the only ones that seemed to grow are between rows and that's not too bad to get them out.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Still- The Letter B

This week we have to come up with the letter B.  Every time I write that I think of Sesame Street, "and this is brought to you by the letter B! "

Anyways since I have missed a bunch of the last Sunday Stills I thought I best get in on this one or everyone will be wondering where I am and if I am still doing Sunday Stills.  Well of course my favorite subject (horses in case you were wondering) has some that start with the letter B, so here they are.

Belle:  She is Jamaicas mom and she is just hanging around for a year or so, was thinking of breeding her this summer to Jardis stallion Tangle, but she gelded him, which is better for them, so no foal next year from her, and I do like her, but she may get sold anyways for the amount of foals I would ever raise off her, I would probly be better off buying ones I want.

And Bailey.  She is my ranch horse deluxe.  I can do anything I want on her but am not using her much this year, so she will probly get sold as well.  Seems silly to have a horse around that is sooo good and yet only gets ridden a handful of times a year.  I think its been 4 so far this year.  She is awesome and brave, but she needs to actually be ridden, not just going along for the ride.  It is a hard decision to make and she may stick around a while cause I am emotionally attached to her even if I don't pick her to ride most of the time.

For More, go to Sunday Stills

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 20, 2011

It's been a super fun week so far, I have gotten Jamaica gelded on Monday, and he is doing awesome.  And I been riding pretty much every day.  Tuesday and Wednesday we went on trail rides, and Wednesday Dinero had to go out twice cause I rode with Char when she rode both her horses, he wasn't sure what was up with that. 

And yesterday we went to the neighbors and rode in her outdoor arena.  We were planning on riding inside but she had buffalo's in and the outdoor has such nice ground and is bigger so outdoors it was.  It was really hard for Dinero to concentrate with so much going on, but he did really good.  There is a road right beside it and trucks drove by, then a quad, then another quad spraying the weeds, and more riders, so much to try to ignore for him.  But no more scary than the helicopter that flew over us on Wednesday.  That was weird.

And this morning there was supposed to be someone to come and try out Dinero, but her husband had ended up buying her a horse (not what she wanted but she is gonna keep it for a while)  I don't know why husbands have to do that, a horse is really a personal preference, he might as well see what she wants and then buy it for her.  Sometimes I just wanna stay home and not talk to anyone!  So frustrating.  No wonder I haven't sold a horse to a stranger, they all back out at the last minute. And I try not to let it judge the way I treat other people, but I am mighty suspicious of anyone who wants to buy now.

Other than riding, I haven't gotten a lot done this week, which is alright, and tonight I am going scrap booking and tomorrow is a wedding which will be a ton of fun :)  Although I have been playing out in the garden and watching flowers bloom.  I also tried to pick some chokecherries cause my neighbor said no one makes chokecherry syrup anymore, so I thought I might but they are not quite ready yet.  But when they are, there will be a lot!

(These Pretty pink Lillies are from my Mommy's garden.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well my baby girl hasn't been posted on here in a while, so I guess it's time!

She is getting so roany (if thats a word)  and it looks so adorable!

I have to say that I don't usually like roans, but golly she is sure growing on me!

If she wasn't gonna be so tall (and I spose I could think she might not be with her momma being so little)  but chances are she will get tall like her daddy and her brothers and sisters are.

But she should be a good one, with all that cutting bred on the mommas side and pleasure on the daddys side, she should be a good one!
(Sorry about pic quality, my camera is still in Ponoka and lost my mommy's camera and so these are all from my phone till I can get something else)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Camp, Clinic, And Gelded!

Well My Internet has been out again for a long time, well probly like 3 days but it feels like forever.  I feel so lost when I cant face book and blog.  But we had the guy out today and one of our connectors was not connecting, so he replaced it and amazing how much better it works now!

It was a long weekend, on Friday I headed to Calgary and pick up my sister then headed to Gull Lake to pick up the nephews, we stopped at Cross-Iron mills to shop but all we ended up doing was eating then staring at the wonderful chocolates at Rocky Mountain Cholatiers, mm mm I could stay there all day!  Then we haded back into Calgary to my cousins kids 6th birthday party.  It was a pool party and even though the pool water was cold, all the kids loved it.  Then drop of the sister and nephews and go home. 

Saturday I headed out with Charlene to Airdrie to watch the Leon Harrel cutting clinic.  I wish I had entered, but it was $1200 for the 3 days and I just don't think my horse was far enough along to justify that much money, but he is awesome.  Charlene hauled her trailer along (empty) cause she hasn't driven much and really wants to start hauling so she thought this was a good opportunity.  She done good, we even went to K and K on the way home then into Strathmore and fueled up and no problems, I think she will be fine, if she doesn't get lost.  And she said she felt way more relaxed that trip cause her trailer had brakes and the other one didn't.  After that, she unhooked it at Jardi's and then we went riding.  Dinero was awesome, he  is so much better when I don't have to haul before I ride.  Not sure why, but so far that's the case.

I stayed overnight at Chars then we headed back to Airdrie (no trailer this time) and watched again, and in the afternoon they have a competition and it is very cool.  Its amazing how much improvement there was in all riders, but some just huge!  There were sure a couple nice horses there.  Jardi had Leon riding Tangle for the whole clinic and he looked really good out there.  We came home and went riding again and we worked on trotting a few circles and backing and spins and side passing.  Dinero still remembers it all, and he was good.  I sure like him better the more I am riding him, but still think I want to sell him.  And he is soooo big!  I forgot to measure him, but I'm sure he must be at least 15.1.  Which isn't big to some, but compared to all my other ponies he is.

And today, I had and appointment for Jamaica to get gelded, totally forgot Jardi was at Trainers Day with Leon, and so no helpers,  but it didn't matter, he was awesome!  L led him into arena and the vet thought he might get a little wild, but he was so relaxed and didn't even flinch when he stuck the needle in his vein.  He was almost falling over asleep after just the first shot, so when he got the second on he went down on the left side like the vet wanted and just laid there.  We got him cut and his wolf teeth pulled and he had a nap.  We were laughing at him cause he was snoring!  But then he got up and just stood there wondering what went on and then I took off his halter and let him loose int he arena for a couple hours to move around.  When I went to put him back in his stall he just started walking away then turned to look at me and stood nice to put his halter on.  The he led good to the arena doors but WOULD NOT walk through.  Grrr!  SO I left him there and went and got Ricki and tied him in the alley way and then I could get him back in alley and into his stall.  Never thought there would be a problem cause we had no trouble getting him in arena to start.  So the rest of the week when I have to exercise him I will make sure to have a horse in barn and maybe some help around.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Its been so crazy and my Internet hasn't been working, but I got a new computer and its great!  I love the fact I can actually post a blog all in one sitting!  My mom came out for a couple days last week and that was so much fun, but nothing got done.  But that's okay, its nice to just relax for a few days. 

(Kali had to shake as I was taking the picture)

I helped my friend move last Saturday and stayed over at my sisters house so we could take her kids to camp on Sunday.  Sure a nice drive up to Gull Lake.  Of course on the way home, we had to go shopping!  We didn't end up with a whole lot but sure was fun.

And I took Jamaica over to Jardis and he is gonna get gelded on Monday afternoon hopefully.  He is much improved, I led him off the trailer, all the way to Jardis barn and in the stall and he was fine, then Tuesday I walk in the stall and he walks over to me and just stands there while I put on the halter and pick up all four feet, so I am pretty happy with him.  He sure is a talker though, every time a person goes by he is talking.

And then I brought Dinero over for a week too cause I figured if I am going to be over there everyday with Jamaica, I might as well ride while I'm there.  I gave him a bath and he was actually pretty clean, except him mane and tail of course. I was surprised cause he hasn't had a bath since last summer. And the first ride I had on him ovet there we seen a moose and 2 deer, and he didnt freak out over them which I was pretty happy about.

And yesterday I helped my aunt put up wainscoting in my Mom's house, sure looks nice!  It still needs the top rail and caulked and painted but what a difference!