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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Still- The Letter B

This week we have to come up with the letter B.  Every time I write that I think of Sesame Street, "and this is brought to you by the letter B! "

Anyways since I have missed a bunch of the last Sunday Stills I thought I best get in on this one or everyone will be wondering where I am and if I am still doing Sunday Stills.  Well of course my favorite subject (horses in case you were wondering) has some that start with the letter B, so here they are.

Belle:  She is Jamaicas mom and she is just hanging around for a year or so, was thinking of breeding her this summer to Jardis stallion Tangle, but she gelded him, which is better for them, so no foal next year from her, and I do like her, but she may get sold anyways for the amount of foals I would ever raise off her, I would probly be better off buying ones I want.

And Bailey.  She is my ranch horse deluxe.  I can do anything I want on her but am not using her much this year, so she will probly get sold as well.  Seems silly to have a horse around that is sooo good and yet only gets ridden a handful of times a year.  I think its been 4 so far this year.  She is awesome and brave, but she needs to actually be ridden, not just going along for the ride.  It is a hard decision to make and she may stick around a while cause I am emotionally attached to her even if I don't pick her to ride most of the time.

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fernvalley01 said...

both lovely mares

Brenda said...

I know we try, but we can't keep all of them, can we? Even though I try to! But still, you always need a good, quiet horse for family and friends who don't ride often.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great horses and B's, too!


lisa said...

Beautiful horses. I love to see them when I hop over to see your blog!

Shirley said...

I'll vouch for Bailey, she is an awesome trail horse; handles the mountains and all the different terrain really well, from rocky creeks to mud holes and steep hills she just took it all in stride. A really nice horse.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Linda said...

I thought for sure you'd have a pic of ALL of the Beautiful Bunch!!