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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend--Sunday Stills and Other Things

This weekend was a full one again.  But I figure I might as well get as much fun stuff in while the summer is still here.  And believe me it is still here, with a high of 30 today.  Was a breeze ever appreciated.

I missed out on Sunday Stills this week cause I had too much going on, but I sure do have pests, one of the biggest is people who let their children run amok in the store.  Do they think no one notices them running and screaming, they are a pest to everyone else shopping.  And people who don't signal grrr, they are a pest to every other driver out there.  But also pest pests, like bugs.  Ed said extra points for who could get a mosquito and there was one in my truck the other night coming home, but this is the best shot I got of him.
But while I was stopped on the side of the road trying to get a mosquito picture, and I am sure that if anywone drove by they woulda had a laugh at me, but I glaned over at the mirror and saw the sunset and so I took this weird cool shot of it.

And its not that good, but I also have other pests like weeds, like this Kochia (however its spelt is still weed.) growing in front of my shop.
And the worst pest around is the mice, we had lots of snow last year so the mice just lived under it all insulated and there are a million of them around, we have them in the house (usually we get a couple a year) and in the tack shed and everywhere we go there is mice, I guess there is too many for two cats to eat, specially when its hot and he has to lay under the truck to cool off.

 But onto other things, Saturday morning, we were awakened by a phone call at 6 saying there was a fire in our neighbors Barley field.  Wow sure don't like those phone calls especially early in the morning.  But luckily it was in the grass and wasn't too bad to put out, a little rain earlier made the grass tough and it was pretty slow moving.  The guy who seen it was driving on the highway and drove in and called the fire department and woke up our neighbor.  Nice guy, and he worked hard to put it out himself before anyone got there.  So we visited and had coffee and then headed home to start the day.  At lest I wasn't late for Doug and Linda to pick me up when we attended the Hayes Sale and it was good, lots of nice quiet colts there, if I were looking, I probly woulda ended up with one (or two) you know me, lol.  But I refrained cause I certainly don't need anymore projects.  Then I skipped the wedding dance cause we were just too tired.  But I did wash my coolers and hung them on the fence to dry.  The eeyore was is my favorite, but I got the blue one at UFA cause Neil had a gift certificate and now I see it has mouse holes in in from hanging at Jardis all summer.  I shoulda took it home and washed it before this but I spose it will still work.

Then today we were gonna go down and ride at Doug and Linda's but Linda wasn't feeling good, so Charlene and Catherine come over to my house and we had lunch and went for a nice two hour ride in the creek.  It was lots of fun.  I took Razz, Char had Dude and Cat had her mare TJ.  Of course I took no pictures, but was fun anyways.

Of course it couldn't go all as planned, here is my hitching rail now,

and here is it after Razz had a fit when I sprayed her with fly spray. Not sure why she freaked out, but she pulled back pretty hard and pulled the one post away from the rail and her and Kali were attached to the rail just hanging in the air.  Luckily Kali's rope wasn't tight ans just slipped off the end but Razz had hers really tight so no such luck but she just stopped and waited for me to fix it.  She was not in a panic cause she just put her head down to eat grass and waited.  Silly pony.  So after that I decided not to pony Kali as was the original plan.

and the rail on the ground, I had to get a new lead rope cause I couldn't get that one off without too much pulling.  After that she was fine on the ride, not sure why she was silly. 

When we come back everyone was sweating aso we hosed them off and Razz hasnt been hosed alot, but she wasnt afraid of the water, but OH MY the hose on the ground sneaking through the grass was pretty scary!  But was alright cause after bathing comes grazing in the lush green lawn, mmm.


Shirley said...

Sounds like you need a few more barn cats for your mouse problem.
Our hitching rail has proved strong enough to withstand both Gussie and Chickory pulling back with all their might; a while ago I had them both tied up and something set them off and Gussie pulled, which scared Chickory, so she pulled too. The hitching rail is made out of old telephone pole, buried three feet in the ground, and the top rail is a 6X6 bolted on with 6 inch lag bolts, two on each end, and recessed in so they aren't sticking up to be a hazard. Ain't nothing breaking it!

fernvalley01 said...

I HATE mice , they cause me to freak out and scream running around like a nut . My farrier witnessed one suchgh episode as I screamed and dashed out of the tack room. He asked "was there a bear in there?" I said yes ,yes there was