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Monday, August 1, 2011

Horses and Markings

A few weeks ago Kate from A Year With Horses did a post on markings on her horses, very little white she has there, so I thought it was kinda interesting and am doing my own now.  The two paints not sure they really count, but I will include them anyways.


I have 3 (Razz, Dinero, and Jazz) with 4 white socks, one with three white socks (Jamaica), one with two white socks (Kali, although one is so tiny its hardly there) and 5 with no white socks (George, Bailey, Disco, Casino and Belle)


For faces, there are 6 with some white on thier face (Belle (stripe), Jamaica (strip) Razz (star and strip), George (tiny star), and Jazz (odd stripe)), and 3 with no white at all (Disco, Casino and Bailey)

And color, 3 sorrels (Belle, Jamaica and George), one Palomino (Dinero), one red Dun (Bailey), one buckskin (Razz), one Black (Jazz),  2 Bay (Kali and Disco), and one Ba roan (Casino).


I really like the white on them, probly why I like the paints so much, they are just like a quarter horse with extra white :))  Have learned that I have no favorite color anymore, although a Bay horse always looks good.  But any color can be pretty.  And right now I actually think Razz is the prettiest.


So all together in 10 horses there are 3 with no markings, 17 white socks, and 6 white faces.

(Disco and Casino)


Country Gal said...

Love them all !
Dinero is beautiful , never seen a paint so fare ! Have a great day !

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Wow, your Kali looks a lot like my Piper (although Piper is not as filled out). And we have a Palomino Paint, too! I just did a post about them today... check it out when you have a chance. :)

Anonymous said...

Horse colors and markings are just plain fascinating (well at least to me). I haven't been around that many paints or pintos, except our Norman, and find the variety of their patterns very interesting.

TheHorseTalker said...

Dinero is a lovely colour, I don't think I've ever seen a horse that colour in the UK. You have got a nice range of colours and markings with all those horses!

lisa said...

I am partial to paints has I have two. But in reality, I love all colors. I always wanted a pretty bay to ride but hey, I take what I can get. I have two and at this point that is all I can handle. YOur horses are just beautiful.

fernvalley01 said...

gorgeous, each and every one! I should send you pics of some of my fancier appies ,and get you to do a post on thier markings! I could use the help!

Shirley said...

Kali looks great, I'm a sucker for a red bay. A little white on a horse sure makes them eye catching- especially in the show ring.

Linda said...

LOL My preferred color is a solid sorrel or bay. I don't mind a little white on their face but none on the legs;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cool post!
I used to love paints and pintos. Now I don't care what color a horse is, but I still end up having a horse with lots of color.
I do love a coppery sorrel or palomino, though. And I've always liked buttermilk buckskin, too.


Corinna said...

so plump and shiny, they look great!

what a wonderful horse family you have!