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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garden Pics and Kalis Cut

***Warning, graphic pics at end of post****

I feel like I am never gonna catch up to things this summer, but I still keep trying.  I was out in the garden this morning and Neil had cut all the long grass around the edges of the garden with his trimmer, so now I can actually see what is going on out there. 

While he was cutting, he said he didn't cut the flowers, and I knew there was a peony bush against the one fence but he says its in the middle, so I go out there and there was a tiger lily, or maybe a woodland lily.  They are supposed to grow native out here on coulee banks and stuff, but I haven't seen one in a long time, and certainly not in the garden.

So I got looking around, and it looks like a pretty good year for potatoes, they are flowering and getting big,

And lettuce as well, looks like I had best be eating salads every day!

Some things sure surprise me, I thought I couldn't grow a cucumber, but here is one plant that defied me and grew anyways, maybe I will get some pickles this year.

The crabbapple tree has lots of fruit on it, so lots of jelly coming up,

And the maybe apple tree has fruit of some sort on it, I am still waiting to see what they turn out to be.  I cut one open and it looks like an apple inside, but I have never seen an apple that grows red from the start.

The carrots are coming up even if I never pulled all the radishes out yet to make room for them.

And onions, looks like they are doing well too, This is the first year I planted green onions and I sure am liking having them fresh to eat.
My tomato's this year are way behind, not sure if its cause they were planted late or just wasn't warm enough, but they do have flowers so I guess tomato's will grow.

I am very glad Kali's elbow is looking way better, kinda a deep cut but really tiny, and no more puss coming out of it and no swelling, so I think she will be alright, but she gets hosed and penicillin everyday.  This is it yesterday morning, I took one when she first done it, but of course its on my missing camera.


Shirley said...

The Maybe Apple looks like another version of crabapple, could be an ornamental crab. Had to laugh about you remark about eating salads every day- me too! I planted red leaf, and romaine, and have been eating a lot of salads.

fernvalley01 said...

plentiful harvest at your place! The cut looks ike it is coming along well

Linda said...

I'd say its an ornamental crab too. We're eating spuds, peas and carrots out of our garden now.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

My tomato plants have a ton of tomatoes on them and lots of flowers, but nothing is ripening. I don't think it has been hot enough, long enough to actually ripen them. I finally pulled a couple off and put them in a paper bag to see if I could get them to ripen.

We've been eating a lot of salad fixings as well. My second crop of radishes started to come in but some sort of little bug killed them off. Note to self-will have to make sure to not plant rotational crops right next to each other.

Got yellow squash, zuchinni's and cucumbers overflowing the fridge.

Those little puncture wounds always seem to be the worst and this sure is the time of year that the littlest scratch wants to get infected and look all nasty.

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

have you tried some "SCHREINERS" Liniment on that cut?? I have used this stuff for a few years now, and it is AWESOME for nasty cuts!! Shirley told me about it when I had a colt that cut his front leg, been using nothing else since!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ouch! Poor Kali. Have you tried Vetericyn on that wound. It's miracle stuff.

Your garden looks amazing!
Mine has really taken off these past two weeks since our monsoon started. We've been getting rain every day, sometimes twice or more. I've not had to water my garden at all and I think plants know the difference between treated water and rain water. An with the sunshine an warmth, well we have got zuchinni, cucumbers, onion, peppers, carrots, radishes, spinach and romaine.
This is my first garden and I'm so pleased with the seeds I planted. They sure are making up for the lack of peaches and apples in our orchard caused by our drought and late freeze this year.