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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I love my lillies!  I'm sure every year about this time, or maybe ussually a little earlier, I have to do a post on my lillies.

I got this one in Brooks at a greenhouse just set up on the side of the road, just spur of the moment I went in and saw this lilly and had to have it.  I planted it inthe ground and only expected it to live for that summer, that was 6 years ago!

Over the last few years I have tried planting other lillies near it but they will last one year and die, so I guess this is the one I will just keep unless I happen upon another roadside greenhouse.

Every year I also think I need to split it and every fall I never do, but now I see it is growing seperatly on its own.  I would like something else perrenial like to grow near it to cover that corner so I don't have to mow there. 
Otherwise it looks kinda plain there, just one little lilly all by it self in front of the greenhouse.  I was thinking on grapes, but Im not sure they will grow here, but would be neat to try, oh and probly some other kind of flower too.

Also on the other side of the greenhouse needs something there so I don't need to mow there.  Something that will bloom all summer preferably and require little care other than watering.

Something that can take hot temperatures in the summer and low temperatures in the winter.  This is what the temp was yesterday, first is indoors (26.5) and then outdoors (36.5)  Wow way warm!
I guess I can not complain we are not having a summer this year!


Shirley said...

You could try cranesbill geranium, they are very hardy with flowers all summer. Your lily is very pretty.

Country Gal said...

If you like roses the Knock out roses are one of the hardyist plants out there !
Yup its a scortcher here to in the 40s and thats with out the humidity count , we havent had rain for 4 weeks ! Great photos ! Have a cool and wonderful day !