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Friday, July 8, 2011


Tuesday night the tack store we use in Strathmore, K & K Livestock, had a pre stampede BBQ.  I had wanted a few things, so I thought I might as well go.  This is the only tack store I think I have been to that has food everytime I go there. 

I showed up around 5:30, an hour later than I had planned because as I was driving through Drum I got a flat tire and since I didn't want to change it myself (mostly just didn't want to get the spare out)  I stopped at the tire place and had them fix it.  It took an hour!  Wow I'm pretty sure that was a little long, but at least I could relax while they did it.

Jardi was there and she talked me into getting a breast collar.  I had been thinking of getting another one for my wade saddle since I moved the one I used to use on it to my cutting saddle.  I had a little narrow really pretty one with pink swarski crystals on it that match Kali's bridle, but it is too smal for Razz and looks silly.

So I ended up buying this one with flowers on, they are not the same flowers as my saddle, but close enough I think.  I have to show a picture on the stand cause I felt bad that it was so hot I didn't want to saddle a horse even just to take a picture today.  Sure would have been nice to take a ride or work with jamaica, but 33 is a little to warm for me and I feel bad for the ponies too.  I guess I either have to get up earlier, stay up later, or wait for a more reasonable day.

I also got a mane brush, conditioner and some chin straps.  I had 3, and since I  like a seperate bridle for each horse thet meant I was stealing off a different bridle all the time, what a nusience.  So now all the bridles have thier own.

I had a hamburger and homemade donuts and butter tarts, mmmmm.  I'm glad I went even if I wasn't planning on buying the breast coller, I love it now and I'm sure I will as soon as I get a chance to ride when its not so hot out.


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I so love buying new tack. It had been years since I purchased any and this year I kind of went crazy. LOL

Your new breast collar has very pretty tooling. Sheridan Rose? I'm sure it's going to look great on.

lisa said...

Very nice breast collar! Nothing like shopping and eating at the same place! Less places to travel ;)

Country Gal said...

Nice tack, I love the detail !
Glad you had a yummy time ! Have a great day !

Shirley said...

Gotta love all the free food at Stampede time!
Nice shot of Razz. That breast collar will look great on her.
It was 33 here yesterday too, but cooler today- I actually got to ride.

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Fun that you got free food! At the Farm Store I used to go to they'd give out popcorn. One time they had hot dogs but I found dog hair on it, blech!
I love your breastcollar. I got a nice wide one in California a few years ago that matches my saddle pretty well. It looks much better than the plain narrow brown one I was using!