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Friday, July 22, 2011

Riding in Rosemary (I can't think of anything else)

Yesterday I headed down to my friends house to help them, well I go to ride my horse and visit and try not to get in their way while they work.  I took Razz and Kali and Razz can do anything and Kali well, I think she's just around for the experience.

I met Linda on the road on the way to her house which was unexpected, so I stopped to visit and she thinks she broke her arm while going out to catch horses and was on her way to get an x-ray.  She told me to go help Doug and she would see what was going on after she gets back.

So I had Razz saddled and me and Doug went out to the Charolais field and started pulling bulls.  I had seen one on the way there, so we got him in first and he wanted to be out of their and just walked right through the gate and into the corral.  Then we headed back out and got another one in.  Then we tried a couple more, but they were pretty determined to stay out there.  One started running off and me and Razz we going to cut him off, and he stopped and turned back and so did Razz and I thought I was gonna fall off!  I guess all that cutting really worked for her cause she really was watching (more than me obviously)

After we got them in, Linda was back, so we stopped to see how she was and the lineup in emerg was forever, so she come home and took a pain pill and rested a while, but we figured she should go back, so I drove her and it turns out its not broke, a soft tissue injury, so lots of ice and rest for  a week. 

We came back and I went out on Kali with Doug out to check the Simmental field and Kali was really good, no help, but she wasn't afraid and did as I asked, although she still doesn't like water, and she wanders a lot, doesn't know how to make a straight line, guess I will just have to take her out more :)  A good day, even though it wasn't as I expected.


fernvalley01 said...

Oh my iis that "one old cowgirl" Linda? sounds sore!Hope she feels better soon. Glad you were there to help out!

Linda said...

Good thing you didn't fall off chasing a charolais bull;)

Shirley said...

That Razz is turning out to be a pretty good horse! Kali will be too, in time. Poor Linda, I bet that hurts. Nice that you were able to give Doug a hand.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Crystal, Glad to hear Linda's arms not broke and it's a good thing you were there. Looked at your wordless Wednesday, "Cute Girl" have a great weekend.

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

That is a big bull! I can't imagine cutting, I think I would come of for sure!