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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frogs and Butterflies

I spent the last two days down helping friends pull bulls.  I took Razz and she was really great, a little tired today, but she was still good help.  We pulled 4 Simmental Wednesday and 10 Angus today.  Sure makes for lots of walking at a really slow pace, and slow in not in Razz's vocabulary.  it was really good for her though to learn sometimes there is a reason to go slow.  She also has a hard time staying behind the cow, she always wants to go to the head and turn it, guess that's a cutting thing, although kinda reminds me of lots of cow dogs too.  And she still has a hard time walking when others are trotting or loping, but she is getting better about that, especially at the end of the day.

She isn't spooky, which I kinda knew before, but we rode over a couple prairie chickens or partridges (not sure which) at a trot and the one flew up under us, and she never even blinked.  But what amazed me more was after we left, the other one flew up behind us!  weird it must have really tried to be brave.

We were out looking for bulls and I seen something weird in the grass and had to stop, and it was a frog.  (although Linda thinks frogs are gross so she thought it musta been a toad)  It was rather large and a long ways from water, sure wasn't what I was expecting to see.  We also seen some pretty cool butterflies out there.  I took the coolest pic of Brown Eyed Susan's on the road, but, I think I lost my camera.  I am pretty sad, I left it on the trailer when I drove away yesterday and no one has seen it since.  So no pics of them.

Oh and Kali cut her elbow on something on Wednesday, not sure what that was about, so she got a cold hosing and some bleuspray for keeping bugs away, and this morning it looks a lot better, still a cut, but not very swollen.  I put more bleuspray on and if it isn't much better tomorrow, I will giver her a couple days of penicillin.  Weird spot to cut, and inconvenient to keep bugs away, cant wrap it and usually the spray works fairly well at keeping bugs off and infection out, so hopefully.  She isn't lame on it anymore so that's always a good sign.  Kinda sad cause I wanted to take her too, I think she needs lots of just riding out before she goes back into training this fall/winter.

I used my cutting saddle theses last two days and I sure like my wade better for long days, but I am glad I used it cause it made me feel more relaxed riding in it.  I sure like it for loping, but trotting is so much more comfy in the wade.  I borrowed my wade to Char cause she sent hers to get the stirrups cut shorter and didn't want to not ride for a week.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a great day spent on your horse out in beautiful nature while working cattle. Hope she heals up soon.


Shirley said...

Dang them mystery cuts that mess up our plans! That really sucks about your camera.
Does Razz have cutting blood in her pedigree?