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Thursday, December 31, 2015

More on Easy

So yesterday I went to ride my boy again.  I picked up his papers and made winter plans.  I am going to go every Monday, Wednesday and Friday unless the weather is bad.   I am not going in the show this Saturday but will be in the one on the 16th.  I just have to show up and my horse will be ready.  How nice :)  I don't even have to enter, that will be all done, felling pretty spoiled its weird but I kinda like it.

Anyways his papers, pretty good breeding if I have to say so myself but that being said I did not buy him for his breeding I bought him cause how he's trained and how he can help me show.  But still nice to know.
(not a stallion anymore, will have to fix that when
 I send them in to get my name on them)

I went to K and K and they had a used Roohide there, its in pretty rough shape and of course its my least favorite tooling, barbwire.  But I took it on a trial and used it yesterday and it seems to fit him pretty good.  I dunno who had it before but the stirrups were way different lengths (like 8 holes) and the cinch was on backwards, the stirrups look like they been dragged on the floor, and the latigo needs to be replaced, but the most important part is it looks usable and the tree is good, needs a good cleaning and some care and maybe even some nicer conchos and it'll be perfect.  It felt a bit wider trying it in the store but once I was riding I didn't notice as much.  Was pretty comfortable, didn't tip me forward just put me where I should be and never moved even if though when I was done the cinch wasn't super tight, that makes me feel good.
(first glance at it)

(and before we rode, looks good on him)

The cows were a bit silly, there was one a hereford cross, she was full of beans, just jumping and running and bucking and being silly was fun to watch her.  But she was a trouble maker when working the other cows, hard to keep my horse off her cause she was so out there.  Was good for me to be a little aggressive and get what I wanted done.  I find I hesitate cause I am unsure but I was told not to, just do it and I will be told if I'm wrong haha well OK I guess I just go for it now.   I have a hard time riding right up to the wall but I guess I will get used to that too.
(I could take a million pics riding him, he's so awesome)

(so I took a short video as we were cooling out)

Oh and while I was at K and K I picked up my bit for my pony.  Now I can ride her haha, as I just made plans to turn out all the horses till it starts getting warm mid march.  Then I can just focus on Easy and not worry about going from home as well.  I probly need to get a bit for Easy but while he's at Doug's I'm just using his stuff he said that's easiest.  But eventually he'll come home.  We practice in a correction bit (too bad the ponies one wont fit him) but not sure what he shows in, oh well I will know on the 16th I guess.
(pretty nice for a pony bit)

Oh and the owl we saw the other day, turns out it was a short eared owl and even though its not supposed to have tufts ours does,  I don't usually see them sitting just flying but he was posing this time.
(the cool owl, posing)

We have no big plans for tonight going to the neighbors for fondue at 5 and probly be home by 9, perfect haha we must be getting old we don't even wanna go out late anymore.  Maybe stay up till midnight and watch the fireworks but who knows.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pasture Puffs Ponies

So it was too cold out for my Mom when we went out to look at the ponies the other day and so yesterday was warmer so she came out to see them too.  We got out there and the pasture ponies were looking over the fence too so I spoiled them all with a little oats.  And we got some pictures, which was harder than expected cause the gates were frozen from the half inch of rain we got before the snow.


(Bailey, she wouldn't even look at me)

(Razz and Trio)

(More Razz and Trio, my matching ponies)

But none the less got there anyways and fed them and took some pics, not as nice as if they are running around or something but I got a good look at everybody again and petted them all and they are all fat and sassy just like turned out horses should be.
(Pally and Dee, they dont look that different in height)

(so cute, my other matching ponies...sorta)

(and of course Jessie)

Then of course can't feed the pasture ponies without the corral ones so they got fed too.  I'm kinda a  sucker for those pony eyes...like puppy eyes but bigger lol.  I'm really thinking as soon as their bale is gone I might turn them all out too and bring them in later when it starts getting nicer out, specially since I have Easy boarded all winter, that way I can go there more and actually get some other stuff done too.

Then we went wandering and the cats came around.

(Nintendo, hes sure getting old, but still don't sit still for pictures)

And Neil broke a chain in the bale processor so he was trying to fix that and Clint was helping.

And me and my mom went for a drive to try and find the elk but of course we couldn't see them, but at least we did see a lot of antelopes.

And we saw a little owl that I don't know what it was, there was 3 of them.  And of course my mom got a pic but I don't have it.  It looks like a great horned except hes tiny, smaller than a hawk.  Ill have to make her send me a pic of it.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dilemmas Dilemmas....And Ranch Pics

Well I have a dilemma now, I was planning on using Easy for the horsemanship challenge but I need 30 rides and 40 hours and I was calculating if I go twice a week every week plus 5 shows.  That's only 29 rides and most will be around an hour, our lessons are only about 10-15 minutes but there's warm up and cool down time so close to. But 29 rides and 29 hours wont make me finish the goal, and if the weather is bad that means even less  times I go over there.  Especially if I wanna ride other horses at home as well.  Unless I turn out my home ponies and just go for him all winter.

Or I use the pony and see if I can get enough hours in between times I go ride and show Easy.  Hmm this was a lot easier when I was planning on having him home cause he needs rode 5-6 times a week.  So many choices to make, ach!

But off topic we had family here and they wanted to go take pics of the ponies and bulls and frost, so even though it was super cold out we went.  
(Dee and Jess watching us)

(Pally after a poop haha)

(me and Pally)

(Carlos and Dee, she liked him and he wanted pictures with his palomino)

(he walked away and she followed him)

(Carlos checking out the pony, Dee still watching him)

(she pushed her way into him again)

(and he liked her :) )

(then to look at the bulls)

(with a magpie on his back)

(disturbing his eating)

(these guys were hanging out in the shed)

(oh 38 with a hay face)

(and of course Ziggy the cat came to visit)

(he needed to pose by the tractor)

(and another cool pic of our house)

Turned out good. I'm glad we went even though I thought we would freeze to death.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

So this year everything s happening at Christmas, all for the good too :)  I'm pretty well all ready this year, although we had to go out last night to the neighbors to get some brown sugar cause somehow I run out....oops.  Oh well it was a good excuse for a visit anyways.  That meant everything was in order.
(Christmas tree is up and all presents are wrapped)

(baking is done)

We are heading to my Moms this afternoon for the big get together that wont be as big this year which I will like better, and then we are staying over and going to Calgary in the morning for stockings and appetizers at my sisters house.  Then we are heading out back home and my Mom and Clint are gonna come out too and stay for a couple days.  That will be nice, they haven't seen our new house yet and so now they can.
(Stocking hung by the chimney)

(table is ready for when we get back)

Other than that its cold, no Christmas ride for me this year I guess :(  but that.s OK I will make up for it on a warmer Christmas.  Maybe New Years this year.  so with that I will say

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Easy Lives Up To His Name

So on Monday I went to ride my horse :)  He is totally so awesome!!!!  He was outside in a pen so I went to get him and before I had the gate open he was there :)  I feel silly how much I like him he really lives up to his name, everything is easy with him.  I took a selfie with him cause the Horsemanship Challenge starts on the third of January and I wanna make sure I had one to enter.
(I still look down, ugh at least he looks good)

We worked cows again and started with a slow one which was good and I used my saddle on him and it felt like I was just perched up there.  Figured I was out of position or something.  Then we got a faster one and it just ran lots but we got it worked then the last one was turney and I felt like I kept falling forward even though I tried to sit back.  Bad news.  Horse is awesome saddle does not fit him at all :(  I went to put him away and unsaddled in the middle of the yard by my truck and got some pics before we went in the barn
(side profile, he saw the dog playing with a toy)

(hmm not quite the right ears)

(oh there we go :) )

And another one in the barn, which don't turn out real well cause its kinda dark in there with windows so the bright sun shines though.  But you can see the dry spots.  I can use his other saddle till I get my own.  Next week I am going to look at another one and already have interest in a sale for mine.  So if all goes well......
(dry spots :( 
 the horse behind him is weird, 
it licks his neck then the saddle 
and I went over there to lower my cinches and he tried to lick me)

(and evil glowy eyes, haha)

Hes staying in the barn I had to ask where he goes cause someone always gets him for me, its weird having him at a barn.  And weird that everyone knows him more than me.  I don't even know what I'm supposed to do except show up and ride.  I don't even have my own blanket or bridle for him yet and no one seems to care.  Odd.  Oh well I will figure it out.  Now I have to wait again, probly Monday or Tuesday next week depends on how it goes over Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Stills -- Home

Well Linda over at Just Another Day on The Prairie has started up a Sunday Stills again, and I am glad, give me a reason to take pictures :)  Even though I only have my old phone it works well enough, especially for outside pictures.  This weeks challenge was home and I took all my pics today with the frost and the sun shining.  Sure makes it look pretty with frost, even when its cold.

(Front view, including the lawn)

(My other home, the arena)

(I love our driveway)

(Frost was super thick)

(But so pretty against the blue sky)

(Our tree with the hawks nest in)

(the whole yard from the driveway)

(and getting closer can see the house)

Got a couple here that were not home really but they are cool so got included :)