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Saturday, March 21, 2015

California Dreaming

So I'm better than yesterday, day is grey outside so here I am inside trying to do indoor stuff until the sun comes out...or it snows but I'm hoping sun.

Since my big (real) camera quit me at Christmas I was stuck with my underwater camera and my phone for vacation.  I was pretty stressed but for this vacation it was not bad.  I never used the underwater one cause I only went swimming in the pool by myself and I am not taking underwater pics of my self.  And since I always had my phone with me I could take pics whenever I wanted.

(Little League Parade, Love the name of this team )

(the pier)

(hockey game against the Penguins.  I didn't say anything there but boy can 
Sidney Crosby handle a puck well, was kinda cool to see him.  This 
confused me cause Kings were in Vintage uniforms of yellow and purple)

The shark from us standing on the pier)

(Everyone loves the Kings there, even the bakery made cookies with their logo on)

(Watching the ocean)

(toes in the sand :) )

(And wrote in sand I'm not very good at that)

(hard to tell but in the very middle is a hummingbird)

(Maybe easier to see in the video)

(The hill from the beach to our hotel)

(and looking down hill)

(Where we stayed)

(Me and Chris having breakfast)

(and another outdoor meal, we ate every meal outside there was super fun)

Had a great time, would definitely go back.  Was told that its quite expensive to live there (and we looked at some rel estate and I believe I will never be able to afford it)  But there is a lot of professional sports players in that area.  And supposedly Manhattan Beach is an older crowd, the beach is closed at 11 and there is no alcohol on it.  But we went down to Rodondo Beach (a little ways south) and its a lot younger crowd, totally different.  We were gonna go up to Marina Del Ray but we ran out of time, I think that woulda been cool just cause of the George Strait Song.  

I didn't notice much smog there, that was nice but we hardly went into the "city" part.  We did go to Target one day and another day to the game but that's about it.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Complaints from a non complainer

Well its been forever again, didn't mean for it to be but it is.  I am about 75% healed up now, back to life as normal but still being careful.  I been riding again, trying to finish my horsemanship challenge even though it means I need to ride twice a day everyday till the 28th and doubt ill make it but that's how life is going.

I tried to get a friend of mine to ride with me and on the nicest day of the year so far she says shes cleaning house and doing books.  Kinda irritated me more than normal and I told her to quite making excuses and just say she doesn't wanna ride.  I feel like everyone is moving to different things and I don't wanna.  In a way makes me wanna just do it all by myself and then I think I have been and its getting old.

And then on top of it they are quitting my favorite (well actually my only) Facebook game.  Sounds dumb but I really enjoyed having a reason to come on Facebook, I like the people and all but the people I met through the game are more like real friends than anyone I know.  I kinda thought they might and thought Id be OK with it but I'm not really.  I should be glad to have more time to do other stuff specially now its summer but I need to rest sometimes.

In other news I went on a vacation to California, LA of all places and I really didn't expect to like it but I did.  Was so fantastic I didn't even miss home.  We were at Manhattan Beach and 2 blocks off the ocean, my friends sister lives there so she showed us around, we walked or biked pretty much everywhere.  We saw a shark, a seal, a dolphin and whales even.  Super cool!  Her husband is the LA Kings coach so we went to a game and that was neat, even for me who isn't really a hockey fan.

But life goes on, no calves yet, but should be coming close.  I'm supposed to be in a cutting clinic on the 28/29th of March but I am on the waiting list so we will see.  I feel bad complaining about my little things when so many have worse stuff going on and maybe that's why it bothers me so much is I feel it shouldn't.