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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Lesson

Today was another lesson and I rode in my English saddle again. I think I am finally getting better in it, cause now I notice I am not slipping from side to side when I trot. I also wore my spurs today cause its so much work to get her to canter without spurs, cut I was a little afraid my legs weren't still enough to wear them. Jardi says they are, so I wore them and we got two laps around the arena without Princess slowing down till I asked and me not slipping sideways! I was so proud. We spent most of the lesson at the trot and she was pretty tired at the end of it, not from overwork, but its hard for her to trot when she is kinda lazy.

Razz was really good again, she tries to be bad sometimes and its kinda frustrating cause it's just a step here or there or pushing on me, nothing major, but always trying something. I think I am gonna bring her home on Sunday. I would like to bring Bailey up for a month or two, but I might have to wait till summer and just trailer her over for lessons, cause she gets stressed in the big herd, even if they don't bother her.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you! It must have felt great to realize you've made such good progress. :)