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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Feb 16

I had an awesome time this weekend and got so much done. I love having a break to get some done like that.

The weekend was very cold, and windy, which I was hoping for nice weather so I could ride as well, I went out on Sunday for a while and rode Princess, but it was really cold. My mom came out to take some pictures as soon as I got off, so I had to get back on so she could take some pics of us.

Yesterday was really nice, sunny and above freezing. So I went and Rode Razz and she is still having trouble turning right. I didn't turn her hard at the corner and she kinda run into the wall and stepped on some poles. The next time round, she turned a little better, but still very stiff. I never rode Princess, but I dd brush her and trimmed her bridle path.

(the cats staring at Princess eating cause they are outta cat food)

Today I rode Princess in the lesson and have never worked so hard in such a short amount of time. Wow I was exhausted. we did a lot of trot and jogging. I am okay at eh jog, cause we sit trot and Princess is very smooth and she likes to go slow. At the faster trot, we are supposed to trot, and this means I have to kick her more which puts me outta position and then we are expected to post. I was so tired, but it made me realize how much I still need to work on . I may try my spurs again next time. I hadn't been using them cause I want sure about my leg position, but the instructor says they don't move that much (which kinda surprised me).

(Clara enjoying a bone)

I rode Razz after a break and coffee and I thought that was enough rest, but I was still tired. I gave her lots of opportunity to do the right thing at the lope by not asking for a lope till I got a nice right turn at the trot. This took about 15 minutes after we had warmed up. I actually ended up riding her for about 45 minutes, and was feeling pretty tired when we quit, but she was being really nice. After I had unsaddled her, i massaged her neck a little and she seemed to really like it. I try to do that every time but sometimes I forget. I also rub where the hackamore sits on her face and she really likes that.

(Clara and Chevy getting some lovin from my Mommy)

Now I need a bath and rest up so I can ride even better on Friday, I heard something about Cavelletti, but I'm hoping its not for me.

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