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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Feb 28

Last night we went up to our local hall at Homestead coulee and we did discing. Which is like floor curling with large wooden discs that get thrown onto a ring that looks like a curling rink. It was a lot harder I thought, especially the aiming. I was to busy plating to get some pictures, maybe next time.

Today was East Coulee Breakfast again and it was awesome as usual. They have the best hash browns I have ever tasted. After breakfast, I went to the barn and Princess is pretty sore and her right knee was really warm, but not swollen and not sore from pressing on it (which I did lots of). I never rode her, just cleaned her and left her in the corrals for the night.

Catherine was there riding her two horses that hadn't been ridden since fall and Canuck was okay with other horses, but Blue was by himself and having a fit and scaring Catherine so I grabbed Razz and rode with them and he calmed down pretty good. We went in for coffee and then I took Razz home and turned her out with my ponies and they actually didn't bother her very much, mostly Bailey, but she Knew Razz from before and Razz just chased her away, so I'm sure she will be okay.

I was gonna bring Princess home to heal, but Jardi thinks we should wait another week or so and see if she gets better. So since she wont be better on Tuesday for our lesson, I think I get to ride Dot. That should be fun, Dot won the Canadian Supreme snaffle bit at 4, she looks like lots of fun to ride, I cant wait. Super duper broke, but it will be a challenge to ride with one hand since I haven't done that since two years ago with Henry.

Also watched the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics, was pretty good, and entertaining, woulda like to go to the games, maybe next time in Sochi.

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