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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gold Again

Yaa for Jon Montgomery!! That was an awesome run in skeleton he made to come out ahead after sitting in second for 3 runs. It was just amazing to watch him win and be so excited about it. That's how all athletes should be when they win, super duper enthusiastic. He makes me proud that hes a Canadian.

I'm really excited we are doing so well in this Olympics. I know we have good athletes in this country, but they are not celebrated unless they play hockey. This makes me sad, cause there is so much other talent around we just don't know about until the Olympics come and they are celebrities all the sudden.

I love the doctor who has been doing the "superbodies" segment of the Olympics. Its really cool. He shows the muscles and blood and how the body reacts to the extreme stress the sport puts on them. Its so cool. I'm not sure how a doctor from the hospital for sick children gets to talk about sports, but hes really good.

Go Canada, I'm rooting for you!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I think one thing that amazes me most about these Olympic athletes is their heart and perserverance. They can crash going 90 miles an hour but just get back up and try again, even if they are in pain. The ladies doing the downhill skiing just blow me away with how driven they are to compete at all costs.
If I crashed the same way, I'd be licking my wounds and crawling off to feel sorry for myself. lol!

Go Canada!


Crystal said...

ya it just looks so scary some of those wrecka dn they just get up and keep going. Like the lady from Slovenia (I think) that fell of the course in training and broke 3 ribs and collapsed a lung and went back to win the bronze medal! In cross country skiing.