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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 9, 2010

I rode Princess in my English saddle in a lesson today and it was good. We trotted over poles and it sure made Princess lift her feet up and pay attention to where she was stepping. This of course is after she had a snorting session at the poles. They fortunately didn't bite, so she walked over them. I never did much lope again, about a lap and a half until I lose my balance.

Blizzard left side

After coffee time, I rode Razz and she was very excited about being by our self and wanted to go quicker forever. We trotted until she slowed down and then we walked calmly for a while. Jardi came and rode her horse as well with me for a while. We had a good talk about how some horses are broker than we think they are or we give them credit for, because we knew them when they were young and silly. Like my Bailey girl, she had attitude when she was just started, but now I can do anything on her cause she trusts me and I trust her.

Blizzard right side

I put more old pics on CD today, and I still love looking at the old ones and remembering:) Pics are of a paint clyde cross I had a couple years ago, I traded him for Belle.


prairierunner said...

How much ice have you got out on the prairie. We have to get some horses sharp shod before we move the cows home from the river.

Crystal said...

Its pretty bad, a few weeks ago it almost all melted and then got cold again, so its very icy in spots underneath. The worst part is we had more snow and cant see where the ice is. But its melting again today, and so hopefully will get clear ground soon.