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Friday, February 19, 2010

Funny Friday

I went riding and there was a car there I never recognized, but no big deal, cause Jardi and her family sometimes live there. It was her sons friend. I walked right by the car and never paid much attention to it except it was old.

So I just went into the barn and walked out later to get the ponies in and Jardi was sitting there laughing and couldn't tell me what was so funny, she just kept pointing at the car, so I took a better look

There were three BIG dogs in the car. They never barked or growled, just sat there waiting for their owner to come back.

I also went riding and Princess musta stepped on a stone or something cause she is lame. Not bad enough to need a vet, but pretty sore when I lead her, especially in circle. Its her front right foot. I cleaned it out and it doesn't seem sensitive, and its not warm, so I just gave her the day off and Jardi will keep and eye on it.

I had a wonderful ride on Razz. After quickly tacking up, I got on and she was so eager to go. I made her walk and trot a little to warm up. It took very little to ask her to lope and she was so good. No cutting corners and no bad turns. We even made small circles around half the arena. I was so surprised. Both ways were awesome. I'm kinda sad shes bred, cause I just want to ride her forever now. I guess its good for her to have a break and she will still be good in the fall.

On the other hand, I cant wait to ride Bailey again and get Dinero going. Should be a good summer (if it ever gets here)

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