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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday at the the Barn

It was so nice today I thought I should go see my ponies. I like going on the weekends, especially Sunday cause other boarders are there that I don't usually see cause they are working or going to school all week when i usually go. Today Jessica, Barb, Charlene and Rochelle were there. It was fun riding with different people, good for the girls as well.

Rochelle's mare is gonna foal this spring as well and she is really excited about it. It will be fun to see how they turn out.

I rode Razz first and she was really good (as always) I am liking her more and more. I never planned for that to happen, but things don't always go according to plan. I bought her with the intention of riding her for a year and selling her, cause it seem like there are lots of horses with 60-90 days on them and no one wants a horse that's not broke. I like them at that stage, its so fun when they figure stuff out and keep improving all the time. I wasn't supposed to like her!

I wasn't sure I would ride Princess cause of her sore leg/foot, but I thought she wasn't looking too bad, so I tried and we did some walk and trot, and she was a little sore, but it didn't seem to bother her too much, so we rode for about 40 minutes, mostly walk, and she seemed better at the end actually. I will see on Tuesday and I hope she just stepped on something and was tender. Its hard to tell with her cause that right front isn't completely strait.


Shirley said...

Razz is a fine looking mare, maybe you could post more pictures of her? Once the baby is born, you can still ride the mare. Give her a couple of weeks off, then start riding her at walk, baby will follow. Just a few minutes a day till they get it all figured out, I usually ride bareback at this point. Then when baby is about a month old, go on little trail rides around the pasture, walking and trotting. When baby is a little older, you can do longer rides, even haul to the arena and ride, leaving baby in the arena to run around with you. I like to teach babies to stand tied next to mama, and to pony them from mama. So by the time baby is weaned, you will have Razz in riding shape already.

Crystal said...

Hi Shirley, I thought I might do that, but since I have three more I should be riding this summer(Bailey, Dinero, and Princess) I think she might wait till fall. That and we spend so much time moving cows and stuff and that wouldn't be good.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I bet it must be exciting to realize that you are teaching a horse new things and it must feel great to see that they are getting it. How fun!
Razz is gorgeous! You'll have no trouble selling her once she has more time under saddle. :)

Oh,.....in my case, but I've learned never to buy for looks anymore. lol!
But it sure is nice, if you're not able to ride, to have some pretty pasture ornaments to enjoy. hehe!