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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Done Planning

Well I haven't posted in a few days cause I been thinking and all I can come up with is I am not gonna plan anything anymore cause it just never works so I am just gonna do what happens that day and enjoy it.  I now have all my ponies home (except Kali) and so its busier here at home but I am kinda enjoying staying home and getting stuff done here, but I am gonna have to figure something out cause I can't imagine 3 months without riding.  If there wasn't any ice under the snow I probly could ride out, but I don't wanna slip, and I know Razz is pretty careful but she worries a lot about slipping, so probly not gonna happen for a while. 

I have gotten a lot of stuff ready for Christmas however, I got most of my gifts wrapped, there are a few I am still working on but they should be done no problem in time.  I have to go one more day to town to get a few more things and some stocking stuffers but otherwise all done there too.

While looking back in pics I was looking at all the ones with Razz in the snaffle and she looks unhappy in every single one.  When I see pics of her in the hackmore she is so much more cheerful.  I wish I knew what was going on, but for now we are gonna keep hackmore on her till I do.  I wonder if she would like a curb bit better too, I may have to try one day (but not saying when, ha ha)

Not even sure what we are doing for Christmas, my Mom is having Christmas Day at her house and an Aunt is having Christmas Eve, but if we are feeding cows I can't see how we can get to both (we usually stay over and head home early Christmas cause we had big meal Christmas Eve) So we might get up early and go Christmas morning or who knows.  I am kinda OK if we stay home too.  I see my family quite often so its not as big a deal to me to get there.  And then of course Neil's family wants to plan something too.  (And all I wanna do is ride)

I am now friends with the Silver Sage Arena is Brooks on Face book, so I now know when they are open all the time, so I might have to head down that way to do some riding.  They used to have a ladies riding night, wonder if that's still on.  I know they do rough stock one night and barrel jackpots every other Sunday, but I am happy to just go down and ride a couple horses.  Course it would just be so much easier if I just had my own arena, but even though I asked for it for Christmas, my gift is under the tree in a gold box and it just looks way to small to be an arena :( 

When I brought the horses home, I got Neil to help me and he led Razz and I took Shasta and Disco.  I opened the gate and when I turned around they were in front of me and I was walking behind them with their lead ropes, was sure odd, kinda like driving them.  I made them stop and wait till I was better organized.  Those 2 sure are attached to each other.  When we put them out they sure all have different ideas, Razz headed straight for the water, Disco started eating and Shasta wanted to wander around and check the place out.  No arguing from any of the other horses either, they were just excited to have friends.  Although Bailey kept looking at me as I left like I forgot to give them thier treats.


Country Gal said...

Sounds like you will be busy ! Its a shame having a riding arena built at the ranch costs so much that would be perfect for you and you could rent it out to others that live near and maybe in the situation you are in the winters for riding ! Have a wonderful day !

Linda said...

I heard they were having a girl's night at the Sage but don't know who's doing it...if I find out I'll let you know. Last time I went they rode drills...it was crazy but maybe because I was riding a two year old.

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

I had an arean on my list too, but I'm not thinking its going to happen!!! LOL
Oh well, we all need dreams!!
Sounds like your life is starting to resemble mine, work, feed horses, work, feed, and somehow manage to get some sleep in there as well!!
Wouldn't change it for a moment, my horses are my salvation from the stupidity of work, and life in general!!
Hope you have a merry christmas, all the same

fernvalley01 said...

I would love it if there was an arean close by , I guess there is but I don't know anyone there, maybe a new years plan

Janice said...

You sound all caught up. I know how you feel about riding out, there is a pile of ice under that snow and the top layer of snow is all crusty so I worry about them cutting their legs. Oh what I wouldn't do for an indoor Arena...I asked Santa to throw a roof over my outdoor but I'm think'in he's probably way to busy....oh well I guess it doesn't hurt to dream.

Shirley said...

I guess I'm pretty lucky here, we don't have snow on the ground- just a little skiff that should be all gone by the end of the day.
We are staying home and having a big ham for Christmas, maybe a couple of people over. I kinda like quiet Christmases.