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Friday, December 30, 2011


I have not been posting much cause my Internet has been pretty spotty so it has been frustrating me, but here I am for now.  On Wednesday I posted three pics, the first was Christmas Eve, we headed down to Neils Mom and Dads and had a nice ham supper there and I got those pink Jammie's and they are super comfy and super warm.  Neils sister gave me and Neil gift cards to Boston Pizza and they will for sure get used.  Neils dad gave us flashlights for us to all keep in our vehicles and attached to them was a silver coin from the Vancouver Olympics.  Was all in all a very good evening.

Then after we headed home and I put on my new Jammie's and headed to my Moms.  We got there quite late (about 2 am) and filled stockings and went to bed.  The boys were up at 6 and woke everyone up so we could open stockings.  We wanted to sleep in early, but we were just happy that the youngest was not sick like he was the day before that it didn't matter.  We opened stockings and then had breakfast and opened the rest of the presents.  I got a kindle from Neil (that was the mysterious gold gift that come in the mail wrapped.)  I love it, I have downloaded a few free books, but the first one I buy will be Nuzzling Muzzles books (cause there is someone named Crystal in one book :)  From my sister I got a Lammles gift card (I am gonna buy a western show shirt)  and a Eeyore Christmas decoration.  He is sooo cute.  From my Mom and Clint I got a cordless drill kit with a bunch of accessories.  I am really excited about this since my old one crapped out a few months ago.  I also got a Tim's card, a horse blanket, and a homemade calendar, and a glass cutting board with coffee on it. 

I was pretty excited for my Aunt Cindy and my Grampa and Clint's Mom to open their gifts cause I gave them scrapbooks and calendars.  But they never came over till after lunch, I thought they weren't coming at all, but the wait was worth it, they loved them.  I love making gifts for them cause I know they appreciate it more than a useless knickknack. 

Then after turkey supper at my Moms, Me, my sister and her boyfriend and boys headed to Calgary so we could go boxing day shopping.  I was pretty excited but I didn't know what I wanted but was going anyways.  We skipped out on most of the electronics stores till later in the day and I got a bunch of good stuff.  Besides the picture stuff, I got 2 presents for next year as well as a couple stocking stuffers.  The long sleeve t-shirts were the best deal.  On sale at Old Navy for $3.63!  So 4 of them were less than $15.  And I wore one today and it was excellently comfortable.  And I tired out the jogging pant ans they are good too.  Never tried out the workout pants yet, but that will come soon.  I also got boring stuff like flour and oatmeal and bread cause we stopped at super store and it wasn't busy so we did grocery shopping.  The only thing I didn't get which I wanted was the new Zelda game and a light up controller for my WII, but they were all sold out and not on sale, so I can go anytime to get them.


fernvalley01 said...

sounds like a lovely Christmas , and Boxing da shopping? you are a brave girl!

Country Gal said...

Sounds like all had a great Christmas ! Papa surprised me with a calendar of my bird photography it is awesome , I will use it to track our back yard feathered friends all year ! Hope you and yours all have a Happy New Year !

Janice said...

Well it sounds like it was a wonderful day. Handmade gifts really are the best. Is that what all your Scrapbooking was about?It looks like you will be warm and comfy for the rest of the winter.Way to go Neil ...great gift.You are exceptionally brave to go Boxing Day shopping. Dave and I stopped at Wal Mart on our way to Shirley's and I have to say when we rounded the corner and saw the parking lot...I really wanted to run. I hope you and Neil have a great New year.

Leah Fry said...

Sounds like you guys made a haul! How awesome that you already have gifts for next year! I need to be that organized.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

You're gonna love your Kindle. I can't put mine down. You can get free word games as well as free books. It's funny how many names I subconsciously borrowed from people and pets in the blogs I read. I totally forgot that fernvalley01's dog was named Winston and I named a horse Winston. I knew the name was familiar. I think I chose the name Crystal for a character who was brilliant, because she had a "crystal clear" mind. I hope you enjoy the book.