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Monday, December 5, 2011

Answers and Confusion

A few posts ago I was aked a bunch of questions so I thought I would try to answer some of them.  First off  "Are I plan on keeping Jazz?"  Well sincs she hasnt sold yet, I will keep her around and get her started in the sping (hopefully by March) then ride her some this summer and see how it goes.  I do like her I just wish she had more white on her. Seems wrong to have a paint that isnt painted.

Then later  "Why do I board elsewhere if I own a horse ranch?"  Well we own a ranch but it raises mostly cows so not so much a horse ranch and I dont have anywhere to ride indoors in the winter so I board a horse (or 2 or 3) elsewhere and that is where I ride with Charlene.

Then "What do I look for in a horse and what do I like in a horse?"  This is hard to answer because depending on what the horse is gonna be for or what age they are can be different things, but I will try to answer.  I prefer a horse that likes to go, has lots of energy.  Nothing irritates me more than having to kick a horse all day that is wanting to quit.  I like a smart horse, one that will do what I ask when I ask but also looking out for itself and me too.  A lot to ask I spose but it is there.  Confirmation wise it is hard to answer, I like big round bum and straight legs and good withers but otherwise I like to see how they all blend together and I cant really explain what I look for but I know what I like and what I don't like.  For temperament.  That's hard, I don't like really "clingy" horses, I actually kind of like the standoffish ones, but I like it when they like to be around me too.

Then a few comment, like the horsey card, the best part of it is it is from my sister and inside it says "You will be older than me always!"  Which is true but it used to be something I bragged about now not so much.

And about showing, there is show this weekend, the last one before Christmas but I am not sure we are going cause doesn't sound like we will have any time to practice and Char is super busy at work for the next couple months.  So we will see how it goes this week but may just go work cows on the weekend instead.  I would prefer lessons, just cause then I can practice too.  And the best part about lessons from Doug is they are free for me with a horse in training!  I had no idea when I went for lessons he told us when he gave us our November bills.  I was surprised and now I wanna go every day (but of course I wont or cant).

I don't know why I haven't been posting.  Even yesterday I totally had planned on making it and I had some pics too.  But left it till the last minute and today too is way late.  But at least I been doing something.  I got all my Christmas decorations pulled up from the basement (not all pulled out and put up yet, but still)  And I got myself a job cooking again tomorrow.  I didn't even go riding today.  I should have but wimped out cause it was kinda cold. I am kinda tempted to take all the ponies home for a month or so and just taking a break, but I also wanna take lessons and cant take lessons when I don't ride between them, that is just not fair to the pony and I wont get as much out of them either.  So I dunno what to do again.


Shirley said...

It'll be interesting to see how Jazz turns out.
Chickory is the standoffish type but likes to be around me- but I sure get mad at her when she takes a notion to not let me anywhere near her! She has a really high curiosity level, and I really like that in a horse.
I hope you get some nice riding weather, and not too many bad storms this winter.

fernvalley01 said...

Busy times for sure. It will be nice to follow your progress with all of them

Janice said...

Crystal you just plain tire me out. I wish I had half your energy level...I just don't know how you get all this stuff done. Have fun with your Christmas stuff.