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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pulling Bulls

Yesterday I took Jessie and we headed down to Doug and Linda's to help them pull bulls.  We were working in the Angus field and there was 6 to go south and 3 to go north (we were hoping).  We got to the pasture and right off at the north end saw one that goes north and one that goes south.  So Me and Linda took him and started walking south.  he was pretty well behaved and along the way we went through a few different bunches of cows but only found one more we needed.

Of course as soon as we added the second bull they got silly.  A little fighting, but the first one kept trying to cross the canal and leave, well a few snaps of Doug's bull whip and he was back in line.  At the gate, there were 2 more bulls to go south so we grabbed them and out the gate only one more field to go.  I dont know why with 4 they just lined out and walked until they got bored, then they start rubbing on each other and trying to fight, but we got them to the gate finally.

Then at the first gate was another bull to go south so we picked him up and headed all the way back to where we started.  The cows must have thought we were crazy cause we took a bull south through them and here we are back taking a bull north past them.   We got to the trailer and picked up the second bull so Doug lined the trailer up against the fence and we just jumped them in.

All was going well so we loaded their horses in the trailer and he was gonna take them home and then come back and pick up Jessie and me and Linda.  Until he got stuck pulling out of there.  He called a neighbor to bring a tractor over and out he come, but it was probly an hour of waiting.

Then on the way back there was a cow and calf on the road, so we got them back where they belong then we headed back to the yard for pop and ice cream.  Mmmm.  It was about 4.5 hours riding and I had a good time.  Although bulls do test your patience and they walk annoyingly slow, but I brought the slow horse so it was good.  Razz or Bailey woulda hated it, too slow for them.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Trail Riding

Yesterday I took Jessie over and picked up Char so we could ride at Susan's.  It was so hot we decided to wait till evening so we rode about 6 and it was still hot so we were thinking probly just a short ride, but as we walked out of her yard, a little breeze came up that was quiet pleasant and so we rode for an hour and a half.

It is so pretty over there, the view is so different from at home.  Much more cropland, but then we ride where we can see the valley and its so pretty.

And riding in the summer fallow means a lot less bugs, which is a nice break for the horses.  There is a nice dirt road there we ride down but on the sides is crop and oats growing wild, which Jessie had to have a bite of every time I wasnt paying attention.  Somehow they know when I am not watching.  I let her have some as long as she stays on the road and doesn't stop.

But they were sweaty when we got back so we hosed them off which they enjoyed and then we let them graze till dry which they all seemed to appreciate.  It was a good day and we are hoping to do it again later this week again if the weather is no too much hotter.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Fade to black

This week might be our last Sunday Stills.  Although that would be pretty sad. I have really enjoyed the challenges that have come through here and how much more I think about different subjects to photograph.  I hope someone will take it over.  I would love to, I just don't have the time right now.  Anyways back on subject, I wasn't even thinking of the pics I took on Wednesday would have fit perfectly with this challenge. 

 But I did get a moon shot earlier this year with the help of a friend coaching me through it  and I have to say the best moon shot I have ever taken, so here it is.

And I sent the pic to him and he did a few tweaks on it, but I'm not sure it needed it.  I kinda thought it would be cool if he could make it kinda blue or orange, but that woulda taken him more time than he had right then.  But I might still try to see if he will do it yet.  It is hard to see the differences unless they are enlarged (which you can do by clicking on it)  Mostly it is just sharper.

  For all its worth, I think next week we should photograph a sporting event in honor of the Olympics.For more, check over at Sunday Stills.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farrier Day

So Wednesday morning the farrier was coming at 9 to do 5 horses.  I thought of locking them in the corral but they been coming in every morning and it was after dark Tuesday when we got home so I didn't worry about it.  Well Tuesday we got home and there was a message asking if Jason could come at 8 before the heat and if it was a problem to call him back.  Well I guess it was OK it would just mean I have to get up before 8, lol.
(Ponies are so cute when they are sleeping )
Well I was up by 6 cause it got so cold in our house even our furnace came on.  I don't like to sleep when its so cold.  So I figured I might as well stay up.  I went out at 7:15 and caught Jessie, Kali and Bailey and had them tied and ready and of course the other horses were at the far end of the field.
(Of course its always Belle that has to get up first)
So I grabbed the 3 halters and off to get them I go.  I kinda thought they would just follow me in, but no such luck and how is it the only horse that wants to be caught is the one that doesn't lead very good (Jazz).  Well I just wandered around behind them and figure I will catch Razz cause she is probly the easiest to catch out there even though she is not getting her feet done she will hopefully lead the others in.  Well I walked up to her and she walked away but Disco just stands there so I caught her.  She was glad, especially after I rubbed all the bugs off her, all the sudden everyone wanted to be caught.
(Magic looks so good, kinda like shes being ridden)
(Both girls are lookin good)
I led her back in with Magic and Jazz following right behind and the others a ways back ( I was hoping they would come too so I don't have to go back out).  And as soon as the corral was in sight everyone just rushed in and so I had them in the small pen as Jason was driving up.  I tied Disco out and caught George and Belle and we were ready to go.  Jessie got her shoes tacked back on and just trims on the other 5.  He is booked to come back in 8 weeks, but that will be  11 weeks for Razz and I don't know if she can wait that long, she might be taking a trip down to their place halfway in between.
 (everyone gets oats afterwards, they were all so well behaved)
I put the oats out first so I don't have to close the gate when I put these 3 back)
We got about half done and Neil comes walking in the yard.  I knew it couldn't be good cause he headed out swathing that morning.  He said he had a belt that wore out and since he had no truck out there he was bringing in the swather but he blew a tire 1/2 mile from home.  I was gonna pick him up after Jason was gone, but I guess it didn't last that long.  Then he goes in the house to phone about getting it fixed and comes out and says the power is out.  Yikes he was having a bad day!  Well our neighbor had a tire fixing machine so he went over there and got it all set up and before Jason left the power guy was out and had the power back on.  And Jason was gone and horses all put away by 10, so pretty productive morning.  But I was exhausted!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ride to The Creek

Tuesday I took Jessie out for our dailey ride even though it was super windy.  The temps were only about 18*C but I figured we better go anyways and I had only planned a short ride cause we had some people comin over about 10:30.  I was out and ready before 10 so I figured no need to take my camera cause I will only ride 20-25 minutes.  Well that didn't work so well.  I was headed to these trees I could see and as I got closer I realized they are across the creek.  Well I didn't want to cross the creek cause the water is still so high and so I thought I might as well look to see where the pipeline I was travelling on went down to the creek.  Well it looked like a good hill so we headed down there, but I knew time was getting short (and I have no watch) so at the bottom we turned around and headed up another coulee.  I was amazed at how much out of breath she was from those 2 hills cause all our trotting Monday she hardly breathed hard.  Might be more hills in our future.

Well I got  to the top and saw a deer skull with horns so I thought I would pick it up and take it home.  But I am uncoordinated and did not know how to hold it and get back on and I got a good scratch on my shoulder, those horns are sharp!    So finally I set it on Jessie's neck and just got on normally, much better.  Then I could carry them without trouble.  But I took too long cause then I seen the trucks come out.  So I rode back down to the creek and we were trying to find the homestead of theses people's grandfather.  Her dad was born on the place and so that was kinda neat.  We found the maple tree and the lilac but could not tell if there was a cellar or anything cause the grass was so tall.  Now I was pretty sad I had no camera.  But they thought it was cool I would ride down there.

We stayed talking for quite a while and I was feeling bad for Jessie so I took off her bridle and she was staying close and just eating, but after about 15 minutes she started trucking home.  I probly coulda caught her but I knew I had a ride back so I just let her go and it took her a bit till she found a hill to climb (not the same ones we went down or up) and when we got back to the yard she was just standing there waiting.  Next time I will have to take my camera no matter what, even for short rides.

Then last night we headed out to do the yearly Cemetary/Hall cleanup.  It works good, there is usually about 8 ride on mowers and lots of hand mowers and trimmers and it takes about 2 hours for both and then supper was provided and we visited for a while and it was nice.  I don't seem to do a lot with the community members so I am glad I went.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Work Monday

I kinda feel like I am finally catching up.  Funny how a vacation seems to put you so far behind its just overwhelming when you get home. Or it id for me at least.  If I didn't have a clinic coming up shortly I may not be as stressed, but there is so much I want to do this summer and its already the 23rd of July!
(best treat after a ride is grass up past your knees :), 
no need to put head on ground that way)
Well the fly sheet experiment is over.  At least for Jessie.  I forgot how sensitive she can be to stuff and in 2 days it has rubbed all the hair off her shoulders.  I was surprised cause it is very soft and then I remembered she is thin skinned and everything bothers her for a while.  So she is just out naked again.  But I fly sprayed her pretty good and I hope it works.
(handy it is not rubbed where my breast collar sits)
I did not find it make her warmer, I went out on the hot days when they were grazing and no sweat anywhere and it is actually a lot tougher than it looks cause she got one of the leg straps off and it was hanging off to the side and quite dirty, but no tears.  I may borrow it to Char to try on Dude and he may use it and maybe be a better experiment.
(she got a leg strap undone, but not surprising considering 
all the tail swishing and leg stomping)
But today I took her out for a ride in the wind around 10 before it got really hot, although it was plenty warm enough then.  We were out about 40 minutes and we trotted most of the ride and she hardly was sweaty (of course I am using a felt pad which they don't sweat as much in) and she wasn't even out of breath.  So that makes me happy it wont be as much work to get her in shape as I was expecting.  I took a video while trotting but its pretty awful to watch so I am not loading it.  Maybe try again tommorow with my "real" camera.
(pretty easy to get sidetracked when there are new bales in the yard)
I have her in with Kali and Bailey and Bailey is so nosy she is always calling back to us cause I think she wants to go too.  Sure is silly.   One day she will get her turn to go too, its just been so long since I rode her out alone I am a little worried.  But I don't know why.  And Kals, I don't know if I have ever rode her out alone, but I will one day and  I doubt she will care, but the first time is always a little worrisome.
(Fence is a little tall for Kals to put her head over, lol)
Now on to other projects, like finish putting up my Magic Mesh and tearing out patio bricks so I can build a deck.  And more roundup and mowing needs to be done.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pony Time

Well since I am in the Leon Harrell clinic coming up Aug 3-5, I knew it was gonna be a stretch trying to get Jessie back in shape in two weeks after my vacation.  And i was afraid after that long in the pasture she would be rather obese.  Well good news on all fronts, it actually was 3 weeks from when I got home which is a good thing cause I was not ambitious the first couple days I got home.  Now I understand when people say they need a vacation from their vacation.  And Jessie is neither super fat or super out of shape, thanks to all her moving around from the bugs.

This morning I went and caught Jessie and Bailey and Kali and was gonna put them in the winter pull pasture that Jessie and Razz were in before I left.  Neil was just driving by so he offered to give me a ride out tho the horses which was much appreciated since they were 1/2 mile from the house.  I caught them and made the long trek home.  Luckily all 3 lead good and were OK leading together.  Kali and Bailey are best buds so they led on the same side with Jessie on the left.  I brushed of Bailey and Kali and moved them to the pen (which is in site of Jessie) but she just had a fit, all I was gonna do was fly spray her and put her fly sheet on then put her out there, but she was totally ignoring me in her worries to get to them.  So I just walked away and left her stand their for a while.

Meanwhile I was sweating out my eyeballs cause of the humidity so I went inside to cool down for a bit and noticed Razz and George had wandered up to the gate.  So I went and caught them and put them in with the other horses (Belle, Disco, Magic, Jazz)  George needs to be where there is a shed cause the bugs are just horrible to him, he gets big lumps everywhere and is just miserable.  They can go back out north when the bugs die down a little.
 (had to stop at the house and thought it was cute havin ponies at the front door, 
but I couldn't get far enough away)

(Jazz and Magic have become buddies)
By now about 45 minutes later Jessie was standing nice but still calling like crazy even though no one was answering, but at least she was paying attention to me.  So I decided I should get in a ride on her today cause no time like the present and nothing like a hard workout to get her brain back in gear.  But since I was non ambitious we went in the round pen and she responded really well so we only rode about 20 minutes, mostly walk and trot.  Tomorrow we will be back on schedule and get to regular workouts and hopefully some lessons next week.  Sure feels good to get back on a horse after so long.

So I brushed her well and put fly spray on her and a fly sheet.  She will be my experiment with a fly sheet cause I have never used one before but if it helps I have a couple more.  I don't like to put them on in the pasture but on the horses in the corral should be good.  Now to email CNJ and see if she will make me some fly masks and try them out too.  But I want ears and a longer nose on mine and I think she can do that.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Berry Picking

So I got the lawn mowed today and its sure not as perfect as I like it will probly mow again in a few days and try to chew up some of the grass sitting on top and then trim and it should be good.

But I did notice that there was still water sitting in the tree roots 4 days after our last "shower" of an inch and a half.

And in case I was bored its saskatoon time here.  The FIL come out and we went out for a couple hours and got a few pails filled.  Then I called my neighbor and they come out and picked for a while till the mosquitos got us pretty bad.

And I seen a pretty cool heron type bird, haven't looked him up yet so don't know what it is.  In a dam full of water that is usually empty all year round.

And the creek is still full to the banks and running over the beaver dam.

And we were being watched by a deer the whole time we were down there, they are so cute when they have the velvet on the antlers, it looks so think and fuzzy.

But I think if I get the horses in I will be able to ride in the early morning and the mosquitos are not too bad and before it gets too hot.  And tonight I founda  new trail in the creek I want to try.  I was gonna bring Jessie back to Teresas for a couple weeks so I could ride in her arena out of the bugs, but after mowing and picking berries and not being eaten alive til the sun started going down I think I will be fine at home.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finally Home Again

We had Saturday left and we had a few things we wanted to get done and then get packed because we had to leave early in the morning on Sunday.  There was so much we did and took pics of I didn't get a chance to share so thought I would.  Like lots more pool time.

And Palm trees.  And pretty flowers and pretty flowered trees everywhere. And cactus for fences.

And the U-turn signs which apparently is quite common and strange for us, but handy as we used them many times.  And the McDonald's flag.

And the Rose Garden right next to the desert plants in San Diego.  With cactus plants like we have here (even blooming like ours) but MUCH MUCH bigger.

And the science Center we went to after the rose garden.

I tried to get my sister to get a few pics of the dry grass there cause Neil always thinks its green there and I tried to explain it was the dry season and if not watered it is brown.

And a pic of the interstate, it sure was weird to come home Sunday night and drive for an hour and a half and only see one vehicle.  I liked it.

And the legowood sign was kinda neat, as was the weird Buffalo bushes.

We saw a couple cool buildings, like a cube as well as a weird I dont know building.

Then at Universal we saw a horse jumping through a wall and the really cool escalators.  Oh and the Kwik-E-Mart :))

So much weird stuff around, like the horses we drove by one day while we were lost.

But am sure glad to be back home, even though it was a wonderful time in a great place, more so liked San Diego to LA.  The night we got back, we got to Calgary at 6 (on time) and it was pouring buckets and since we were in such a litte plane we thought it was tarmac deplaning, but luckily someone got us a terminal that went to the ground.  But there was a lightning storm and they closed the airport right after we got there and so we spent 2 hours sitting in baggage claim waiting for it to be safe for them to unload our bags.  But the nice airport people brought us chips and water while we were waiting, but coffee woulda been preffered cause it was freezing in there.  I got a few cool things and a bunch of clothes (and some gifts which arent pictured)

And I guess life goes on as normal here as on Monday the guys from John Deere come and loaded up our one tractor cause it quit on Neil as he was driving the swather home.  And behind it you cant see is the baler who is getting a new roller put on.

And my grass is like a jungle, Neil said he run out of time or he woulda mowed it, but that's OK I think I am way pickier than he is and would probly have to do it again anyways.  Guess I wont be bored for a while after I catch up on my sleep and get used to all this humidity.