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Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Work Monday

I kinda feel like I am finally catching up.  Funny how a vacation seems to put you so far behind its just overwhelming when you get home. Or it id for me at least.  If I didn't have a clinic coming up shortly I may not be as stressed, but there is so much I want to do this summer and its already the 23rd of July!
(best treat after a ride is grass up past your knees :), 
no need to put head on ground that way)
Well the fly sheet experiment is over.  At least for Jessie.  I forgot how sensitive she can be to stuff and in 2 days it has rubbed all the hair off her shoulders.  I was surprised cause it is very soft and then I remembered she is thin skinned and everything bothers her for a while.  So she is just out naked again.  But I fly sprayed her pretty good and I hope it works.
(handy it is not rubbed where my breast collar sits)
I did not find it make her warmer, I went out on the hot days when they were grazing and no sweat anywhere and it is actually a lot tougher than it looks cause she got one of the leg straps off and it was hanging off to the side and quite dirty, but no tears.  I may borrow it to Char to try on Dude and he may use it and maybe be a better experiment.
(she got a leg strap undone, but not surprising considering 
all the tail swishing and leg stomping)
But today I took her out for a ride in the wind around 10 before it got really hot, although it was plenty warm enough then.  We were out about 40 minutes and we trotted most of the ride and she hardly was sweaty (of course I am using a felt pad which they don't sweat as much in) and she wasn't even out of breath.  So that makes me happy it wont be as much work to get her in shape as I was expecting.  I took a video while trotting but its pretty awful to watch so I am not loading it.  Maybe try again tommorow with my "real" camera.
(pretty easy to get sidetracked when there are new bales in the yard)
I have her in with Kali and Bailey and Bailey is so nosy she is always calling back to us cause I think she wants to go too.  Sure is silly.   One day she will get her turn to go too, its just been so long since I rode her out alone I am a little worried.  But I don't know why.  And Kals, I don't know if I have ever rode her out alone, but I will one day and  I doubt she will care, but the first time is always a little worrisome.
(Fence is a little tall for Kals to put her head over, lol)
Now on to other projects, like finish putting up my Magic Mesh and tearing out patio bricks so I can build a deck.  And more roundup and mowing needs to be done.


lisa said...

I sure know how you feel with coming back from a vacation! I got home and the flies were horrible. I put masks on the horses but I have a very bad horse that likes to rip off Annies mask and some how finds a way to take his off too!

Shirley said...

I don't think a fly sheet would work here, too many inquisitive horses they would probably shred it. Might work for Beamer or Rio as they are pastured singly.

Country Gal said...

You have so much green there . We have been in a drought for a little over a month and all is brown and yukky ! Farmers crops are or have died here , hasn't been good for them or our gardens this year ! Lovely photos . Papa and I are now members and the photographers for a horse club its awesome getting to be out with the horses and riders taking photos. Hope Jessie's skin gets better and her hair grows back!