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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pony Time

Well since I am in the Leon Harrell clinic coming up Aug 3-5, I knew it was gonna be a stretch trying to get Jessie back in shape in two weeks after my vacation.  And i was afraid after that long in the pasture she would be rather obese.  Well good news on all fronts, it actually was 3 weeks from when I got home which is a good thing cause I was not ambitious the first couple days I got home.  Now I understand when people say they need a vacation from their vacation.  And Jessie is neither super fat or super out of shape, thanks to all her moving around from the bugs.

This morning I went and caught Jessie and Bailey and Kali and was gonna put them in the winter pull pasture that Jessie and Razz were in before I left.  Neil was just driving by so he offered to give me a ride out tho the horses which was much appreciated since they were 1/2 mile from the house.  I caught them and made the long trek home.  Luckily all 3 lead good and were OK leading together.  Kali and Bailey are best buds so they led on the same side with Jessie on the left.  I brushed of Bailey and Kali and moved them to the pen (which is in site of Jessie) but she just had a fit, all I was gonna do was fly spray her and put her fly sheet on then put her out there, but she was totally ignoring me in her worries to get to them.  So I just walked away and left her stand their for a while.

Meanwhile I was sweating out my eyeballs cause of the humidity so I went inside to cool down for a bit and noticed Razz and George had wandered up to the gate.  So I went and caught them and put them in with the other horses (Belle, Disco, Magic, Jazz)  George needs to be where there is a shed cause the bugs are just horrible to him, he gets big lumps everywhere and is just miserable.  They can go back out north when the bugs die down a little.
 (had to stop at the house and thought it was cute havin ponies at the front door, 
but I couldn't get far enough away)

(Jazz and Magic have become buddies)
By now about 45 minutes later Jessie was standing nice but still calling like crazy even though no one was answering, but at least she was paying attention to me.  So I decided I should get in a ride on her today cause no time like the present and nothing like a hard workout to get her brain back in gear.  But since I was non ambitious we went in the round pen and she responded really well so we only rode about 20 minutes, mostly walk and trot.  Tomorrow we will be back on schedule and get to regular workouts and hopefully some lessons next week.  Sure feels good to get back on a horse after so long.

So I brushed her well and put fly spray on her and a fly sheet.  She will be my experiment with a fly sheet cause I have never used one before but if it helps I have a couple more.  I don't like to put them on in the pasture but on the horses in the corral should be good.  Now to email CNJ and see if she will make me some fly masks and try them out too.  But I want ears and a longer nose on mine and I think she can do that.


Shirley said...

Vacation's over for Jessie too huh? Let us know what you think of the fly sheet; I've always thought they would make the horse sweat more and make it hard for them to cool down.

Paint Girl said...

Everyone definitely needs a vacation after a vacation!! I swear vacations are more tiring then what we do everyday!
I used to use fly sheets all the time. Now that I use Fly Predators I don't have to use fly sheets anymore. I will put one on Brandy to keep her clean from time to time. It really does help keep her clean!!

Linda said...

Seems like the bugs have managed to keep our horses in shape this summer....they stay in the shed and RUN back from just a little grazing in a hurry to get away from them.

Cowgirl Red said...

I do the same thing. Fly sheets sometimes in the summer on the horse I have in the corrals. Mostly to keep them clean. Nice post Terah