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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farrier Day

So Wednesday morning the farrier was coming at 9 to do 5 horses.  I thought of locking them in the corral but they been coming in every morning and it was after dark Tuesday when we got home so I didn't worry about it.  Well Tuesday we got home and there was a message asking if Jason could come at 8 before the heat and if it was a problem to call him back.  Well I guess it was OK it would just mean I have to get up before 8, lol.
(Ponies are so cute when they are sleeping )
Well I was up by 6 cause it got so cold in our house even our furnace came on.  I don't like to sleep when its so cold.  So I figured I might as well stay up.  I went out at 7:15 and caught Jessie, Kali and Bailey and had them tied and ready and of course the other horses were at the far end of the field.
(Of course its always Belle that has to get up first)
So I grabbed the 3 halters and off to get them I go.  I kinda thought they would just follow me in, but no such luck and how is it the only horse that wants to be caught is the one that doesn't lead very good (Jazz).  Well I just wandered around behind them and figure I will catch Razz cause she is probly the easiest to catch out there even though she is not getting her feet done she will hopefully lead the others in.  Well I walked up to her and she walked away but Disco just stands there so I caught her.  She was glad, especially after I rubbed all the bugs off her, all the sudden everyone wanted to be caught.
(Magic looks so good, kinda like shes being ridden)
(Both girls are lookin good)
I led her back in with Magic and Jazz following right behind and the others a ways back ( I was hoping they would come too so I don't have to go back out).  And as soon as the corral was in sight everyone just rushed in and so I had them in the small pen as Jason was driving up.  I tied Disco out and caught George and Belle and we were ready to go.  Jessie got her shoes tacked back on and just trims on the other 5.  He is booked to come back in 8 weeks, but that will be  11 weeks for Razz and I don't know if she can wait that long, she might be taking a trip down to their place halfway in between.
 (everyone gets oats afterwards, they were all so well behaved)
I put the oats out first so I don't have to close the gate when I put these 3 back)
We got about half done and Neil comes walking in the yard.  I knew it couldn't be good cause he headed out swathing that morning.  He said he had a belt that wore out and since he had no truck out there he was bringing in the swather but he blew a tire 1/2 mile from home.  I was gonna pick him up after Jason was gone, but I guess it didn't last that long.  Then he goes in the house to phone about getting it fixed and comes out and says the power is out.  Yikes he was having a bad day!  Well our neighbor had a tire fixing machine so he went over there and got it all set up and before Jason left the power guy was out and had the power back on.  And Jason was gone and horses all put away by 10, so pretty productive morning.  But I was exhausted!


Cheyenne said...

Yes catching those pesky horses early in the morning can be exhausting!

Shirley said...

What do you mean it was so cold the furnace came on!!! This is summer!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very productive day for sure!
All's well that ends well!

Great photos of your horses. They look so fat and healthy! I wish my mare could just graze all day long like that....if we only had grass for her to do that! :(


Cowgirl Red said...

That's funny. It seems when I need them early, if I don't catch them up for whatever reason, I wish I had. haha Terah