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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finally Home Again

We had Saturday left and we had a few things we wanted to get done and then get packed because we had to leave early in the morning on Sunday.  There was so much we did and took pics of I didn't get a chance to share so thought I would.  Like lots more pool time.

And Palm trees.  And pretty flowers and pretty flowered trees everywhere. And cactus for fences.

And the U-turn signs which apparently is quite common and strange for us, but handy as we used them many times.  And the McDonald's flag.

And the Rose Garden right next to the desert plants in San Diego.  With cactus plants like we have here (even blooming like ours) but MUCH MUCH bigger.

And the science Center we went to after the rose garden.

I tried to get my sister to get a few pics of the dry grass there cause Neil always thinks its green there and I tried to explain it was the dry season and if not watered it is brown.

And a pic of the interstate, it sure was weird to come home Sunday night and drive for an hour and a half and only see one vehicle.  I liked it.

And the legowood sign was kinda neat, as was the weird Buffalo bushes.

We saw a couple cool buildings, like a cube as well as a weird I dont know building.

Then at Universal we saw a horse jumping through a wall and the really cool escalators.  Oh and the Kwik-E-Mart :))

So much weird stuff around, like the horses we drove by one day while we were lost.

But am sure glad to be back home, even though it was a wonderful time in a great place, more so liked San Diego to LA.  The night we got back, we got to Calgary at 6 (on time) and it was pouring buckets and since we were in such a litte plane we thought it was tarmac deplaning, but luckily someone got us a terminal that went to the ground.  But there was a lightning storm and they closed the airport right after we got there and so we spent 2 hours sitting in baggage claim waiting for it to be safe for them to unload our bags.  But the nice airport people brought us chips and water while we were waiting, but coffee woulda been preffered cause it was freezing in there.  I got a few cool things and a bunch of clothes (and some gifts which arent pictured)

And I guess life goes on as normal here as on Monday the guys from John Deere come and loaded up our one tractor cause it quit on Neil as he was driving the swather home.  And behind it you cant see is the baler who is getting a new roller put on.

And my grass is like a jungle, Neil said he run out of time or he woulda mowed it, but that's OK I think I am way pickier than he is and would probly have to do it again anyways.  Guess I wont be bored for a while after I catch up on my sleep and get used to all this humidity.


Shirley said...

Welcome home!

fernvalley01 said...

Good to be home I bet. though it looks like a fun holiday

Cheyenne said...

Welcome home, Crystal! Glad you come home to green grass---even if it's long! Will smell so good when you mow it. Thanks for sharing so much of your trip-I've never been down there so I am thoroughly enjoyin your photos and hearing about everything. Looking forward to catching up more on your blog. Hope you are well.