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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pulling Bulls

Yesterday I took Jessie and we headed down to Doug and Linda's to help them pull bulls.  We were working in the Angus field and there was 6 to go south and 3 to go north (we were hoping).  We got to the pasture and right off at the north end saw one that goes north and one that goes south.  So Me and Linda took him and started walking south.  he was pretty well behaved and along the way we went through a few different bunches of cows but only found one more we needed.

Of course as soon as we added the second bull they got silly.  A little fighting, but the first one kept trying to cross the canal and leave, well a few snaps of Doug's bull whip and he was back in line.  At the gate, there were 2 more bulls to go south so we grabbed them and out the gate only one more field to go.  I dont know why with 4 they just lined out and walked until they got bored, then they start rubbing on each other and trying to fight, but we got them to the gate finally.

Then at the first gate was another bull to go south so we picked him up and headed all the way back to where we started.  The cows must have thought we were crazy cause we took a bull south through them and here we are back taking a bull north past them.   We got to the trailer and picked up the second bull so Doug lined the trailer up against the fence and we just jumped them in.

All was going well so we loaded their horses in the trailer and he was gonna take them home and then come back and pick up Jessie and me and Linda.  Until he got stuck pulling out of there.  He called a neighbor to bring a tractor over and out he come, but it was probly an hour of waiting.

Then on the way back there was a cow and calf on the road, so we got them back where they belong then we headed back to the yard for pop and ice cream.  Mmmm.  It was about 4.5 hours riding and I had a good time.  Although bulls do test your patience and they walk annoyingly slow, but I brought the slow horse so it was good.  Razz or Bailey woulda hated it, too slow for them.


lisa said...

Sounds like a long day!

Cheyenne said...

Looks and sounds like a good day!

Linda said...

At least the neighbours will come and rescue you. Other places.....not so much.