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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ride to The Creek

Tuesday I took Jessie out for our dailey ride even though it was super windy.  The temps were only about 18*C but I figured we better go anyways and I had only planned a short ride cause we had some people comin over about 10:30.  I was out and ready before 10 so I figured no need to take my camera cause I will only ride 20-25 minutes.  Well that didn't work so well.  I was headed to these trees I could see and as I got closer I realized they are across the creek.  Well I didn't want to cross the creek cause the water is still so high and so I thought I might as well look to see where the pipeline I was travelling on went down to the creek.  Well it looked like a good hill so we headed down there, but I knew time was getting short (and I have no watch) so at the bottom we turned around and headed up another coulee.  I was amazed at how much out of breath she was from those 2 hills cause all our trotting Monday she hardly breathed hard.  Might be more hills in our future.

Well I got  to the top and saw a deer skull with horns so I thought I would pick it up and take it home.  But I am uncoordinated and did not know how to hold it and get back on and I got a good scratch on my shoulder, those horns are sharp!    So finally I set it on Jessie's neck and just got on normally, much better.  Then I could carry them without trouble.  But I took too long cause then I seen the trucks come out.  So I rode back down to the creek and we were trying to find the homestead of theses people's grandfather.  Her dad was born on the place and so that was kinda neat.  We found the maple tree and the lilac but could not tell if there was a cellar or anything cause the grass was so tall.  Now I was pretty sad I had no camera.  But they thought it was cool I would ride down there.

We stayed talking for quite a while and I was feeling bad for Jessie so I took off her bridle and she was staying close and just eating, but after about 15 minutes she started trucking home.  I probly coulda caught her but I knew I had a ride back so I just let her go and it took her a bit till she found a hill to climb (not the same ones we went down or up) and when we got back to the yard she was just standing there waiting.  Next time I will have to take my camera no matter what, even for short rides.

Then last night we headed out to do the yearly Cemetary/Hall cleanup.  It works good, there is usually about 8 ride on mowers and lots of hand mowers and trimmers and it takes about 2 hours for both and then supper was provided and we visited for a while and it was nice.  I don't seem to do a lot with the community members so I am glad I went.


Shirley said...

Note to self*** always take camera***
You're lucky that you have so much land to ride on, and different ways to go. Here I just plunk around the same old places- boring! I'm really looking forward to going over to Janice's next week and seeing some new country.

lisa said...

Same here! Lucky you have such a very nice place to ride! I don't have a whole lot of places to ride except in my back yard!

5 Starr's Farm said...

I have places to ride.......but no horse, except the 35 year old........ LOL

fernvalley01 said...

Yup, always take your camera, I try to as well, as I have missed some amazing shots not having it