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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Universal Studios

Tuesday we headed up to Universal Studios. 

We didn't realize how far a drive it was and then we got stuck in road construction so it took even longer,but we got there about 11.  We had so many things to look at and we wanted to ride all the rides too.  We got there and right away saw the Simpson's ride.  It was pretty cool, totally a 3-D simulation ride, it was pretty neat.

Then we headed out and had Dodgers hot dogs at the stadium and then headed to the studio tour.  This is kinda cool cause its like a ride and also a tour of the lots and stuff they actually use to film movies and TV shows. 

Like Jaws:

(Scene from the TV Show "Bones")

(Scene from "Psycho")

They had lots of props you could pose by and stuff, so we did a little of that.  And lots of Characters you could stand in line to meet, of which we didn't do any of.

And they had a 3-D King Kong ride in it
And we went thru Jurrasic Park
And lots of Western sets from the movies

And of course Wisteria Lane

And at a tiny part of the Whoville from Grinch who stole Christmas.  It took up 7 stages so they couldnt' keep it all up.

And ane wreck where they actually used a 747 to crash into a town.

Then we headed over to the Shrek 4-D ride, it was kinda cool that the first part we stood in a torture chamber and talked to the 3 little pigs and Pinocchio and Gingy and the magic mirror.  then Lord Faruat decides that we need to meet in the next room which was like a video and it was pretty neat.  Of course Shrek is pretty cool, so it had to be neat.

Then we headed down to the lower lot and the transformers ride, which is the newest one and had the longest wait (about 75 minute) it sounds long, but they have movies and activities all through the line and it constantly seems to move so it wasnt too bad.  And we stopped and got a snack before heading in line so that was nice too.  It was an awesome ride!  Totally worth the wait and it felt like we were really in the movie, was soo amazing, don't even know how to describe it.

Then we left thier and told the boys we were heading to LAX cause it is a super busy airport and we were so close so we had to stop and see it there.  We were really waiting for my Mom to arrive and it was gonna be a suprise for the boys, and it sure was.  They thought we were really weird when we stopped at Starbucks and had a coffee and just sat and wait thier for an hour.  It was so fun to see thier faces when they found out she was gonna stay for 5 days and go to Disney Land with us Friday.

Then Wednesday we shopped all morning and I got some cool runners and a couple tank tops cause it was kinda chilly and we went to a July 4th celebration in a park in San Marcos.  Was not at all like I was expecting, lots of people, but nothing to do really but eat and then sit around and wait till the fireworks.  Sure thought there would be more stuff to do and even more vendors, there was only about 6 and the line ups were ridiculous.

So it was goo, but sure not like I had heard.  Maybe better elsewhere than California is better, like a smaller town with a fair and everything.  Or maybe its not like I expect at all anywhere.


Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! Looks like fun ! It is soo humid here in Ontaro Canada that we haven't been out side much at all ! Have a good day !

Knotty Dogs said...

How fun! I used to live in So. Cal. and I've done all the amusement park stuff, but the part of your post that choked me up was the surprise of grandma coming to see the kids! How fun is that?!?!?! Glad you guys are having a good time. By the way, I'm still keeping count of all the money you're spending. LOL!!

lisa said...

Great photos, sure looks like you are having a wonderful time!