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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well since I been mentioning history on some of my other horses, I thought maybe Gypsy's turn had come. She is a 14 year old paint horse. I have only had her since October 18, same day as I got Princess. I had an ad on Northern Horse to sell my Belgians cause I wasn't using them. I had numerous calls and emails about them but no one wanted to strait out buy them, so I put in I might be interested in an AQHA or APHA mares or young horses. I got a few calls, but nothing I was really interested in, until Rick emailed about them and he has numerous horses. So I thought I am gonna pick the most brokest sanest ones he has and we ended up with two broke horses for my two and harness. This worked well for us both cause he breeds roan Hancock quarter horses so neither Gypsy or Princess really fit. And what do I need harness I didn't really like for anyways.

Gypsy was a first horse for his wife to learn on and now she wasn't riding her anymore so they had bred her for a few years now. Last year she had a bay roan solid filly and I am expecting similar cause shes bred back the same way. Afterwards I am gonna ride her and either end up selling her to a kid (who are already asking about her) or keeping her for my mom to ride. The day I went up there to try them out, he just saddled her up and we rode in the pen right beside her colt and she wasn't worried at all, a little lazy and out of shape, but for not being ridden for 3 or so years, I though she did pretty good. She knows some pretty fancy stuff and I can't wait to get on her in the fall and try it out!

When I bred Belle last spring I never expected to have 3 bred mares, but when doing something new, why not jump right in with both feet! It kinda makes me feel better having Gypsy around cause I know shes done it before and that's little less worrisome for me. Gypsy is due on April 21st which isn't really relaxing cause it can be pretty stormy that weekend and I have no barn, but we can use the run in sheds fenced off with lots of straw if I have too. Belle is due about mid May and Razz first week of June, so if all goes as planned (ya right like that ever works!) I will have time in between to rest.

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