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Sunday, January 24, 2010


I don't have anything really horsey going on so I thought Id mention the boy Dinero.

I was humming and hawing a few years I wanted to get another paint horse and since I am a member of the paint horse association.

I had a baby same time as Bailey (04) and she was sweet. She was a red roan tobiano and cute as a button. (I have pics of her but that was before digital and I'm not sure I can remember how to scan) When she was 18 months old (it was January) and we had been working on tying and leading for many months and she was pretty good about it, a little hard to catch, but had been tied many a time before and led all over the place. I had tied her and Bailey up one morning cause I wanted to brush them and stuff. It was a warm day and the ground was kinda muddy, but not deep or anything. Well after about 10 minutes of brushing Bailey, I look over and there was Brandy kinda pulling back. I never worried too much about it cause she wasn't pulling very hard, just kinda holding at the end of the lead rope. Next thing I knew she slipped and was laying on the ground. I quickly untied the rope (thank goodness for quick release knots) and she wasn't getting up. Uh-oh I got really worried and after grabbing her back legs and moving them around, I knew she was paralyzed. Of course Neil wasn't home, so I called my vet to come out and put her down cause I didn't know what else to do. He said he will bring the truck and maybe there's something he could so. I already knew in my heart this was it for her. She was so scared and so I tried to comfort her and Bailey kept putting her nose on her. Of course when he came, he figured there wasn't anything he could do. The vet said he can't euthanize a horse with drugs unless there is a spot to bury her so nothing will get into the drugs. I didn't want anything eating her anyways, so I called Neil and he called the neighbor who come over with his backhoe and dug us a hole. Not an easy feat in January in Alberta. The vet warned me the drugs may not work cause she was so scared and had so much adrenaline and he also brought his gun as well. Well he was right, she didn't even slow down her breathing, so he shot her and it was quick and painless for her. I always have felt so bad about her, even though I know deep down I didn't do anything wrong, she has been trained to tie, the rope was the right length and the right height, it was just bad circumstances. I felt to bad, not just for me but for Bailey cause they were bestest friends, I have pics of them eating out of the same dish (it was so cute, ill try to scan later.)

So being a member of the APHA, I keep getting the mail from them and everyone I read about who when to the world show said it was great and FUN, well I like fun and most horse shows are more stress than fun, so i thought maybe I should go. Well of course you need a paint horse to go, so in the fall of 08 I began looking for one. I didn't know what i wanted yet, but I figured I would when I seen him/her. I was kinda hoping for a horse that had been shown some and kinda knew what they were doing. I wasn't even sure on a event (I'm still not, lol) and I didn't care mare or gelding. Well I seen Dinero that year as a weanling, but he was out of my price range for a baby. Even though he was outta Simply Cinnamon and ever since I had seen Simply Cinnamon,I wanted a baby from him.

So I kept looking, not really seeing anything worth buying, except a really nice gelding. 16 years old, lots of show points, but....$12,000! I wanted a world show horse, but I might be afraid to ride a horse worth that much!

So in the spring of 09, Dinero was listed for sale again, the owner was young and wanted to raise a colt to barrel race, but got a great deal on a horse she could run on right now, so she had to sell him to make room for the new horse, and he was cheaper too! I emailed her and set a day to come see him, and since I was pretty sure, barring any obvious problems, he was coming home, I took my trailer. He was even nicer in person than on the ad. So sweet and friendly, and we took him out to the front yard and cars were going by and kids in wagons and dogs barking, even a tractor and he just looked around and went to eating grass. That was the selling point right there. If he can be comfortable within minutes with a stranger and all that commotion, he was an excellent candidate for me. So we loaded him up and headed home. He had never been trailered before, but she had been feeding him in the trailer for a few days, so he was easy to load and I just left him loose in the front compartment of the stock trailer and he traveled home perfect, hardly moved at all.

He couldnt believe I was really turning him into the big pasture, lol

I had taken a friend with me, so I dropped her off and went home and it was dark when i got here, so I stopped at the house to tell Neil where I was putting him for the night (we were calving heifers, so the corrals were all full) I put him where the water was and the heifers can have water in the morning, and I moved him when I could see what I was doing. Neil asked if I needed help and i said "what can go wrong, I have a yearling who doesn't know me or my corrals, never been trailered on the trailer for 3 hours and its dark?" anyways all was good, I backed up just about to the gate and had it open and when i led him off, he was more interested in the grass than running of or being silly. So I put him there, gave him some hay and went to bed.

In the morning I went out and this is what I see:

He was looking at the cows, I guess he'd never seen cows before, never thought of that. So I moved him through the cows and all he wanted to do was sniff them, not afraid at all. I put him in another pen not getting used and he stayed there for a few weeks till we got him gelded, then he went in with George, Neils horse for a while and he's been a sweet heart the whole time, no matter what you want to do with him, so far he seems like a good choice, however if Id known I was gonna end up with Razz, I might not have gotten him, cause she woulda been a good, but slightly hotter, prospect as well (and still might be if I can't part with her)


Shirley said...

He sounds like a really good minded boy, and he's a beauty too! You can always keep him to show while Razz raises a baby or two. What event were you thinking of for him?

Crystal said...

I'm not sure yet, he seems so quiet even if he was originally bred for barrels, but I thought I wouldnt make a decision until I had been riding him ans then ill decide what he seems to like. Maybe a cow event, I hope.