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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well Lu asked me a question the other day that really got me thinking. She said which horse is your favorite? Innocent enough question and if asked last year, I woulda had an answer instantly: Bailey. However I really couldn't decide. I still like Bailey and always will, shes energetic and athletic and makes me think. But I also like Razz and am liking her more after every ride. And Dinero, I love his personality and he just wants to do whatever is asked of him, but that might change once I start riding him, I'm not sure how that will be. And Belle, I don't like riding her, and neither does she, but shes such a sweet horse and I love her confirmation. Princess is so easy to ride and so relaxing I don't have to worry about her at all. Gypsy is the only one I'm not sure of, she is pregnant so I am not riding her now, but she was pretty nice this fall and is super broke and am kinda looking forward to the fall and her baby is weaned.

So which is my favorite, I love them all, that is so weird for me cause I have always had one which I like, but not the same as now, when i really like them all.

So I thought of it the other way, which one would I sell if I had too? I couldn't really come up with an answer to that. I think it would be Belle, just cause we don't ride her, but no one else prolly would either and I would rather have her here than useless or unhappy with someone else.

But I think Bailey is still the favorite, she has taught me so much and the trust she has in me just blows me away. Not saying she doesn't have "those" days, but even then, we still get along great and can get anything done.

In other news, Our carpenters came back yesterday and started working on the basement. It looks smaller now that there is drywall up:

They are coming back next week to finish taping the joints and install the roof tiles.


Shirley said...

Just curious, what are the issues with Belle that she does not get ridden?

Crystal said...

She is terrified of everything and everyone (not spooky) I think she could get over it, but I think I am the problem. I was too worried when I rode her and she was worried and it got all worse so we just quit. This spring I had my instructer ride her and let me know what she thought and she figured after two weeks she was just as worried and scared as the first day and she suggested I ride another horse instead, so I am. Im sure its possible to get her over it, but i dont know if i have the skill and I sure dont have the money for someone else to ride her for however long it takes. Im not sure that makes any sense??